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1899-00 dir      There are 1137 records.

Adam, James, instructor, 'Mars'; h. Woodend, West Newport
Adams, James O. (manager, Dundee), Drumclog, Wormit
Adamson, Alexander (umbrella mercht., Dundee), Broomknowe, WormitLocation
Adamson, Alexander; Committee [under Wormit And District Liberal Association]
Adie, Miss, Fuchsia cottage, West NewportLocation
Adie, R. N.; Rear Commodore, [under Newport Boating Club]
Adie, Robert N., Fuchsia cottage, West NewportLocation
Agnew, Hillary (secretary, Dundee), Norwood, East NewportLocation
Aitken, John (ironmonger, Dundee), Violetbank, Wormit
Aitken, Miss, Norwood, East NewportLocation
Alexander, David (merchant, Dundee), St Phillan's place. East NewportLocation
Allan, George, retired millmanager, Tay terrace, East NewportLocation
Allan, Thomas, stationmaster, Newport West Station ; h. Holly cottage
Allardice, John, Seacraig, Tayport roadLocation
Allen, Charles B. (manufacturer, Dundee), Norwood, East NewportLocation
Allison, David, M.A; Wormit Public School Teacher, [under School Board Of Forgan]Location (2)
Allison, James (sailmaker, Dundee), Woodmuir park. West NewportLocation
Allison, James, Burgh Prosecutor; [under Magistrates And Commissioners Of Newport]
Allison, James, M.A., LL.B. (solicitor, Dundee), 11 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocation
Allison, James, M.A., LL.B., 11 Kilnburn pl; Clerk, [under School Board Of Forgan]Location
Allison, John (draper, Dundee), Murrayfield, Wormit
Allison, Mrs Matthew, Tayville, West NewportLocation
Ames, Mrs, Woodend, West Newport
Ames, William M., clerk, Wormit
Anderson, A. M., postmaster; [under Post Office - Pierhead. ]
Anderson, A. M.; Vice-President, [under Newport Quoiting Club, Grounds, Cupar Road.]Location (2)
Anderson, Alex. M., watchmaker and jeweller. Post Office, Pierhead
Anderson, George J. W., stationmaster, Wormit Station ; h. StationhouseLocation Location (2)
Anderson, James W., shipmaster, Union street
Anderson, James, builder, Riverview, Wormit
Anderson, Mrs David, Ellenmount, West NewportLocation
Anderson, Mrs, The Castle, West Newport
Anderson, Peter, baker. Pierhead
Anderson, Thomas (of Peter Anderson), 15 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocation
Anderson, Thomas, painter, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Anderson, William, shipmaster, Myrtlebank, Wormit
Anderson, Wm. (builder and contractor, Dundee), Scotia villa, W. NewportLocation
Anstruther-Duncan, A. W., of Naughton, colonel. Royal Artillery, Naughton, by Dundee
Arkley, Miss, teacher, 5 Union terrace
Armitage, W. S., F.R.C.S.E., Wormit
Armitage, W. S., F.R.C.S.E., Wormit; [under Medical Practitioners]
Armstrong, Mrs W. (wine and spirit mer., Dundee), Craigard, WormitLocation
Arnot, David, farmer. West Friarton
Arthur, Robert, farmer and dairyman, Causewayhead
Bain, Miss; Vice-President [under Newport Young Women's Christian Association]
Bain, William, Hillside, East NewportLocation
Ballingall, Mrs, farmer, Newton, Wormit
Balsillie, Andrew, gardener, Harris buildings. West Newport
Balsillie, James, gardener, 4 Union terrace
Barber, Joseph, wiredrawer, 9 Robert street

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