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Notes from Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1934-35       (November 1934 - November 1935)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-34

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: Charles Matthews Hunter, Clivemont, Linden Avenue, no poll. Ward 2: Thomas Mitchell, Ellenmount, Castle Brae, no poll. Ward 3: George Rain Little, Taybank, Bay Road, 330 votes; William Ramsay, Ivybank, Hillpark Road, 305 votes.
Council: Ward 1: Arthur S Cram, elected 1932; Frank Howard Fairweather, elected 1933; Charles M Hunter, elected 1934. Ward 2: George Scrymgeour, elected 1932, Provost; George Peattie, elected 1933, Senior Bailie; Thomas Mitchell, elected 1934. Ward 3: John Wilkie, Balgonie, Bay Road, elected 1932; George R Little, elected 1934, Junior Bailie; William Ramsay, elected 1934.
Erect Provost's lamp.
Ex-provost Buik: lamp to be removed and replaced by an ordinary one.
Appeals against assessment sustained include: Mrs John Clark, Graham Place, roll no 972; James Brown, The Terrace, 990; Mrs Margaret J Haynes, Woodend, 1041; Agnes Taylor, Woodhaven Terrace, 1385.
New lamps suggested for Telephone Row, Wormit; Hill Crescent and Woodhaven.
December 1934. Insanitary houses - Unfit and not capable of being made so at reasonable expense: Kempstane Cottage, Tay Street; owner - Berry; 1 house; tenant - Johnstone; 4 occupants. Graham Place, Newburgh Road; owner - Charles Graham, Ashcliffe; 7 houses; tenants - Dippie 3 occupants, Cooper 1 occupant, Haynes 1, Miller 3, Clark 3, Leith 1, Will 2. Harris Buildings, Newburgh Road; owner - Arthur B Harris; 2 houses; tenants - D Dowie 9 occupants, Rae 1 occupant. Pluck-ye-Craw, Newburgh Road; owner - Berry; 3 houses; tenants - Mason 2 occupants, Robertson 2, Gray 2. Riverside Cottage, Riverside Lane; owner - Jane Just, Gowanbank; 1 house; tenant - Bisset 8 occupants. Woodhaven; owner - St Fort; 1 house; tenant - Duff 2 occupants. Woodhaven; owner - St Fort; 1 house; tenant - Rae 8 occupants. Woodhaven Cottages, Newburgh Road; owner - St Fort; 2 houses; tenants - Nicoll 5 occupants, McIntyre 5. Meldrum Square, Robert Street; owner - Trustees of Catherine Mather; 7 houses; tenants - Watson 1 occupant, Walker 2, Ramsay 3, McCall 2, Nicoll 3, Scott 3, Steel 2.
Insanitary houses - Unfit but capable of being rendered fit at reasonable expense: Woodhaven Cottages, Newburgh Road; owner - St Fort; 1 house; tenant - Patton.
January 1935. Insanitary houses: Royal Hotel Buildings: defer meantime. Graham Place: issue clearance order. Woodhaven Cottages, Newburgh Road: Patton's - delay meantime. Other properties: proceed under section 16, Housing Scotland Act 1930.
Tenants displaced from insanitary houses could be re-housed in proposed additions to Mars Gardens (1 x 3-roomed block, 1 x 4-roomed block).
Burgh surveyor had made a thorough inspection of every house in the burgh and proposed to make an annual inspection.
Application by Robert R Don, motor engineer, for a petrol pump and underground tank in yard off Boat Road behind the Newport Hotel.
New lighting: employers should be asked to provide lighting at Woodhaven and at Railway Cottages. Council to consider Hill Crescent.
Erection of speed limit signs.
Allow up to 5 to buy the burgh foreman a bicycle.
Bus stances: saga continues. Problems due to traffic at Boat Road. [J T Young had loaned ground for use by the scheme.]
St Fort will provide lighting at cottages at Woodhaven; Hill Crescent - no lighting.
Mr Rankine to supply 10 outdoor seats for the burgh.
Rights-of-way: list to be made.
Insanitary houses. Kempstane & Pluck-ye-Craw: not offered to rebuild. Harris Buildings: only 2 houses are involved, others not affected, therefore closure order. Woodhaven (Duff): ? remain for tenant's lifetime? Woodhaven (others): wouldn't be used until rendered fit. ?Council to purchase? Meldrum Square: reconstruction. Riverside Cottage: not to be used until rendered fit; could be used as boatshed; would be made weather tight.
Steps at top of Sylvan Lane.
J T Young: bus stance proposals for their land at Boat Road had been abandoned owing to the probability of a Tay Road Bridge being built. J T Young therefore couldn't delay any longer their building operations on the vacant ground.
Sites for future building: Laurie's garden, Queen Street and J T Young's property, King Street. ?cost of acquiring?
Re-floor the Blyth Hall - Canadian maple, J M Latto. ?electric light?
Insanitary buildings. Kempstane & Pluck-ye-Craw: demolish. Harris Buildings: closure order. Woodhaven (all of them): demolish. Meldrum Square: work to be done within 6 months. Riverside Cottage: demolish.
Semi-Jubilee Marathon Message: Boys Brigade, 24 April 1935. Provost Scrymgeour was to wish the runners God Speed.
Blyth Hall: lighting - electric v. gas. Use gas but with electric footlights.
April 1935. Westfield Terrace: closed off by purchase of ground north-east of Rhufaada by Mr Lawson. Right to re-open the street if required (and lay down gas, sewer and water pipes).
King Georg's Silver Jubilee Celebrations: sports, parades, entertainments. Fancy dress judges - Mrs Pilkington, Mrs Morrison Dunn, Mrs John T Young and ex-Provost Young. Ministers of the burgh will hold a service in front of the Blyth Hall.
Bathing sheds on East Braes: unsightly. Remove them.
Proposed to make Mount Stewart Road 1-way traffic.
Kirk Road - 'slow speed' warning.
Gas lamp erected at Railway Cottages, Wormit.
Emptying of latrines at Air Force Camp - 6d. per bucket.
Laurie's ground: James Laurie & Son, 72.5 poles at Queen Street, 50. Ex-provost Young's ground: King Street, 63.5 poles, value of premises 625. Purchase Laurie's ground, negotiate Young's.
Necessity for public lavatories between Woodhaven and Wormit, and at High Street, and at East Newport.
April 1935. Burgh Surveyor's report: all rubbish is going to Council's dumps at The Canons and Wormit Hill. Moves to install '1 house, 1 lavatory' and no outside water supplies.
Death of gas manager, John F Black. Appoint Mr Dickson.
Royal Hotel Buildings: too dark passages, no ground attached, unsuitable for present use. Defer meantime.
Retiring: Cram, Peattie, Wilkie.
Damage to ex-provost Coutts' lamp.

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