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1869-70 dir      There are 286 records.

Murray, James (accountant, Dundee), King StreetLocation
Murray, Miss, milliner, King StreetLocation
Murray, William S., clerk, William Street, East Newport [?]
Neish Misses, West NewportLocation
Nicholson, Charles, Osborne Place, East NewportLocation
Nicoll, Wm. (grocer, Dundee), Tay Street, East NewportLocation
Nimmo, Mrs Dr, Primrose BankLocation
Niven, David (flesher, Dundee), Terrace, West NewportLocation
Ostler, George (ironmonger, Dundee), 3 St Phillan's PlaceLocation
Petrie, James, coal merchant. Walnut CottageLocationLocation (2)
Pope, George W., shipmaster, 4 James Square [?]
Pratt, Mrs, Greenbank, West NewportLocation
Preston, Mrs, Osborne Place, East NewportLocation
Pullar, John, proprietor, Bruce's Lodge, East NewportLocation
Ramsay, James (jeweller, Dundee), The Terrace West NewportLocation
Reid, Miss Ann, furnished lodgings, Marytown, East NewportLocation
Reoch, Mrs William, Grenada Villa, East NewportLocation
Rhind, Harry S., farmer, WoodhavenLocation
Rhind, John (merchant, Dundee), WoodhavenLocation
Robertson, Alexander, plasterer, East NewportLocation
Robertson, D. S., (of D. S. Robertson & Dryden), Tayview, East NewportLocation
Robertson, Miss Agnes, 5 James' Square [?]
Robertson, Mrs David, Tay Street, East NewportLocation[probably this house]
Robertson, William (of Robertson & Orchar), Balmore Villa, West NewportLocation
Rodger, James B., tailor and clothier, King Street, East NewportLocation
Rogers, James F., West NewportLocation
Ronald, James (corn merchant, Dundee), RavenscraigLocation
Scott, Alexander (banker, Dundee), Ashbank VillasLocation
Scott, Mrs George, Rosehill Cottage, West NewportLocation
Scrymgeour, William (clothier, Dundee), West NewportLocation
Sercombe, Samuel, flesher. Pier [?]
Shepherd, James, Rosebank House, West NewportLocation
Sidey, Duncan, (banker, Dundee), Craighead HouseLocation
Sidey, Duncan; Council [under Newport Curling Club] Location (2)
Simpson, Edward, feuar, 1 St Phillan's Place, East NewportLocation
Skene, James, feuar, Marytown, East NewportLocation
Small, Mrs K., Woodmuir Park, West NewportLocation
Smith, Andrew (of Smith & Son, Dundee), Taymount, E. NewportLocation
Smith, Andrew (upholsterer, Dundee), Taybrae Cottage, West NewportLocation
Smith, James (spinner, Dundee), TaygroveLocation
Smith, James, Chapel HouseLocation
Smith, James, feuar, St Mary's CottageLocation
Smith, Miss, Just's Buildings, West NewportLocation
Smith, Wm. (of Smith & Straton, Dundee), Tayview Ter., E. NewportLocation
St Clair, Alexander (jeweller, Dundee), Woodbine HouseLocation
Stark, Alexander L. (agent, Dundee), 2 St Phillan's PlaceLocation
Stephen, Mrs William, 1 St Phillan's PlaceLocation
Stewart, Henry, of St Fort, St Fort HouseLocation
Stewart, John A. (portrait painter, Dundee), West NewportLocation
Stewart, John, medical practitioner, East NewportLocation

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