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Coupar, Miss Agnes C., 4 KilnburnLocation
Coutts, Miss B. M., Clifton, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Cowie, Mrs Mayfre, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Cowley, Mrs William, Riverside, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Cowley, W. Douglas (manufacturer, Dundee), Cladach, Bay road, WormitLocation
Coyle, Andrew, 3 Tayview terraceLocation
Craig, Andrew, foreman, James square, GowriehillLocation Location (2)
Craig, James, police constable, Police house, Kirk roadLocation Location (2)
Craig, Rev. James D., retired, 5 Tay terrace
Cram, Mrs E. J., 12 Linden avenueLocation
Cranna, Mrs G., Westcliffe, Birkhill avenue, WormitLocation
Crichton, William C., Waterston, Kirk roadLocation
Croll, Mrs H. K., 4 Newtonpark, WormitLocation
Croll, William H., chief clerk, Heathcote, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Cruikshank, Robert, M.A., information officer, Glenorchy, Mount Stewart road, WormitLocation
Cumming, Frank, insurance inspector, 2 Hill crescent, WormitLocation
Cumming, Miss, district nurse, Woodhill, King streetLocation
Cunningham, George, assistant buyer, Darvel Lodge, Cupar road Location
Cunningham, James B. (shipping agent, Dundee), Cumbrae, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Cunningham, Miss D., Runnelstone, Boat braeLocation
Cunningham, Wm., compositor, 9 Tayview terraceLocation
Currie, Helen I., Inverlee, Bay road, WormitLocation
Currie, Thomas R., bank manager, 5 Linden avenueLocation
Cuthbert, Alexander A., journalist, 11 Newtonpark, Newburgh road WormitLocation
Davidson, Alexander (agent, Dundee, Greenacres, Cupar road.Location
Davidson, John, clerk of works, Rockedge, Newburgh road WormitLocation
Davidson, Miss Janet, teacher, 4 Wellpark terraceLocation
Davidson, Mrs D. H., Kilmaurs, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Davidson, Mrs Isabella, 2 High street
Davidson, Robert, painter, 1 High street
Davies, Edward G., technician, 6 Tay terraceLocation
Davis, Miss L., 3 East Queen street; Secretary, [under Newport-On-Tay Green Room Club]Location
Deas, Robert, pianotuner, 2 Kerr streetLocation
Deuchar, James, Meldrum square, Robert streetLocation
Dew, Duncan M., assistant local manager, Royal/Globe Insurance Group, 59 Meadowside, Dundee, Tel. Dundee 21306; h. Causewayhead, Tel. N. 2150Location
Dick, Misses, Craighelen, Wellgate streetLocation
Dickie, Miss Mary, James square, Gowriehill
Dickson, William, ironmonger, Robertson place, Cupar road; Almar House, LeucharsLocation
Dickson, William, Robertson place, Cupar road : Ironmongers.Location
Dixon, George W., clerk, 3 Craighead roadLocation
Doig, James, M.A., headmaster, Newport-on-Tay School; h. Cragganmhor, Tay streetLocation Location (2)
Doig, Mrs L., Cupar roadLocation
Don, James, Seamills, High roadLocation
Don, John B. jun., blacksmith, 3 Woodhaven avenue, WormitLocation
Don, John B., 3 Woodhaven avenue : Blacksmiths.Location
Don, Robert R., of Seacraig Garage Co., Ltd., Eastlea, William streetLocation Location (2)
Dorward, John, radio technician, 15 Tay terraceLocation
Dott, Mrs John M., Malista, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Doughty, Dennis W., librarian, 5 Youngsdale placeLocation
Doughty, Mrs J., Ingleneuk, Newburgh roadLocation

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