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1966 dir      There are 1080 records.

M'Farlane, H. G., 59 Cupar roadLocation
M'Farlane, Miss C., 2 Forgan streetLocation
M'Gregor, Daniel, 3 Union streetLocation
M'Gregor, David M., 40 Riverside road, Wormit Location
M'Gregor, P. H., M.B., Ch.B., 2 North terrace, WormitLocation
M'Gregor, Rev. George, M.A., 15 Bay road, Wormit Location
M'Hardy, Hardy, William F., 25 King streetLocation
M'Hattie, William G., sales manager, 70 Riverside road, WormitLocation
M'Intosh, Alexander, 2 Scotswood crescent, WormitLocation
M'Intosh, David, teacher, 29 Gowrie streetLocation
M'Kay, William, plumber, 4 Riverside road, WormitLocation
M'Kean, Miss, 2 Beechwood terrace eastLocation
M'Kinnon, Mrs D. J., 6 Kilmany road, WormitLocation
M'Laren, Charles; Burgh Officer, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]Location
M'Laren, David, engineer, 50 West roadLocation
M'Laren, John G., 23 KilnburnLocation
M'Lean, A., agent, 57 Cupar roadLocation
M'Mahon, W., manager, 25 KilnburnLocation
M'Millan, F. J., grocer, 10 Union place Location
M'Millan, Miss Margaret, 15 Robert street Location
M'Naughton, Miss, 35 West road [should be 55]Location
M'Pherson, John, commercial artist, 19 Wellgate street Location
Macdougald, Mrs L., 12 King streetLocation
MacGregor, John P., motor mechanic, 46 King street Location
MacGregor, William T., motor mechanic, 10 Queen streetLocation
Mackay, Miss A., 18 Tay streetLocation
Mackay, Miss Mary, 1 Hill crescent, WormitLocation
MacKenzie, David H., bank clerk, Dunolly, 27 Naughton road, WormitLocation
Mackenzie, Leslie, physicist, 10 St. Fort road, WormitLocation
Mackenzie, Miss M. S. 35 Naughton road, WormitLocation
Mackie, D., & Son, Ltd., 8 Victoria street : Builders.Location
Mackie, D., & Son, Ltd., building contractors, 8 Victoria street Tel. 2141Location
Mackie, James M., builder, 8 Victoria streetLocation
Mackintosh, Dr W. J., 4 Scott street : Medical Practitioners.Location
Mackintosh, Dr W. J., 4 Scott street ; and 66 William street, TayportLocation
Mackintosh, J. D. 10 Woodbine terrace Location
MacLaren, David, stationmaster, 13 Station braeLocationLocation (2)
Maclean, Alex L. M., B.D., St Fillan's Manse, 8 Gowrie Street; St Fillan's Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship]LocationLocation (2)
Maclean, Rev. Alex. L. M., B.D., St. Fillan's Church ; h. St. Fillan's Manse, 8 Gowrie streetLocationLocation (2)
Maclean, William L., C.A., 8 NorwoodLocation
Maclure, Mrs H., 4. Queen streetLocation
Macpherson, John, market gardener, 107 Tay streetLocation
Macpherson, Mrs Susan, 30 Birkhill avenue, WormitLocation
Macphillamy, Mrs H., 5 Youngsdale placeLocation
MacQuoid, Miss Margaret, teacher, 11a Beechwood terrace westLocation
Main, Rodney, electrician, 7 Kinbrae courtLocation
Mair, Leslie, 23 Woodmuir terrace ,Location
Malcolm, Miss R., 11 Victoria streetLocation
Marr, Robert, assistant manager, 14 Hillpark road, WormitLocation
Marshall, Arthur, 5 Naughton road Wormit : Butchers.Location

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