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1971 dir      There are 1010 records.

Clark, Albert, company secretary, 6 Wellpark Terrace
Clark, Eric, optician, 12 Riverside Road, Wormit
Clark, James J. manager, 48 West Road
Clark, Mrs J., 5 Mars Gardens, Woodhaven, Wormit
Clayton, R. L., superintendent, Robertson Rest Home, 7 Beechwood Terrace West
Clydesdale Bank Ltd., 40 High Street; manager, James E. Watt : Banks
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 40 High Street, Tel. No. N. 3169; James E. Watt, manager
Cobban, Miss H., dressmaker, 16 Mars Gardens, Woodhaven
Cochran, Mrs D., 34 Queen Street
Collins, Mrs H. C., 7 Victoria Street
Colville, H., 17 Alma Terrace
Combe, D., 6 East Queen Street
Combe, George A., bank teller, 16 Hillpark Road, Wormit
Comerford, J., 35 Union Street
Constable, Rev. Robert P., B.D., Balmerino Church (with Gauldry Church united); h. Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Constable, Robert P., B.D., Balmerino; Balmerino Parish Church (with Gauldry), Rev. [under Places Of Worship][not in Forgan parish]
Conway, Miss A. M., 49 Riverside Road, Wormit
Cornford, P. A., mechanic, 7 Albert Crescent
Coss, W., 17 Elizabeth Crescent
Cottam, M. Barry, lecturer Beechwood, Hillpark Terrace, Wormit
Coull, T., P.O. engineer, 17 Craighead Road
Cowley, W. Douglas, 74 Bay Road, Wormit
Cowper, Miss Veronica, auxillery nurse, Almond Bank, 12 Strathblair Avenue, Wormit
Coyle, Andrew, 94 Tay Street
Craig, Andrew, foreman, 1 Kinbrae Park
Craig, E. K. 2 Kilmany Road, Wormit
Craig, Mrs J. D., teacher, 5 Tay Terrace
Cram, Mrs E. J., 23 Linden Avenue
Crammond, Harold, journalist, 13 Prospect Terrace
Crawford, John, assembler 8 Northfield Road
Creegan, G., postman, 19 Bay Road, Wormit
Crichton, F. L., 9 Craigshannoch Road, Wormit
Crichton, William C., 65 Kirk Road
Croll, William H. general manager, 16 St. Fort Road, Wormit
Cruickshank, Robert, M.A., information officer, 7 Hillpark Terrace, Wormit
Cunningham, George, assistant buyer, 63 Cupar Road
Cunningham, James B., 60 Riverside Road, Wormit
Cunningham, Miss D., 5 Boat Brae
Cunningham, William, compositor, 24 Tayview Terrace
Currie, A. M. T. 5 Bay Road, Wormit
Currie, Mrs Helen I., 7 Bay Road, Wormit
Currie, T. R. 9 Linden Avenue
Currie, T. R., 9 Linden Avenue; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport-On-Tay]
Currie, T. R.; Finance Committee, Treasurer [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Currie, T. R.; Hon Treasurer, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Currie, T. R.; Treasurer, [under Newport-On-Tay Dean Of Guild Court]
Cuthbert, Alexander A., journalist, 65 Kilmany Road, Wormit
D. & C. Electriks, 32-34 Robert Street
D. & C. Electriks, 32-34 Robert Street : Electrical Engineers
Davidson, Dr A. M., 1 Woodmuir Crescent

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