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1971 dir      There are 1010 records.

Fraser, Alexander, postman, 6 Mars Gardens, Wormit
Fraser, James A., Kinnoull, 12 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
Fraser, Miss J., 10 Prospect Terrace
Frazer, A. D. 23 Westfield Terrace
French, Mrs W. F., 2 Tay Street
Fullerton, Mrs M., 57 West Road
Gair, Mrs M., 28 Riverside Road, Wormit
Galloway, James, buyer, 2 Devonlea Road, Wormit
Galloway, Misses, 15 Westfield Terrace
Garden, William R., master mariner, 12 Linden Avenue
Gardiner, Angus R., clerk, 4 Bridge Street
Gauld, James, 6 Kinbrae Park
Geddes, H. H., 18 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
Geddes, J. L. 1 Scotswood Crescent, Wormit
Geddes, Mrs Gwendolen, 45 Riverside Road, Wormit
Geekie, Misses M. & K., 45 Kilnburn
George, Christopher, electronic engineer, 23 Craigshannoch Road
Gerrard, Dr Dora W., 22 Tay Street
Gerrard, Dr Dora W., 22 Tay Street : Medical Practitioners
Giacchetto, L. grocer, 21 West Road; h. 19 West Road
Giacchetto, L., 21 West Road : Grocers
Gibb, Ernest, 20 Prospect Terrace
Gibbs, H. B., market research executive, 74 Tay Street
Giel, W. A. 17 Wellgate Street
Gillespie, M. A., Director of Social Work (Dundee), 6 Beechwood Terrace
Gillies, Thomas L. teacher 20 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
Gilmour, James T. 10 Hillpark Terrace, Wormit
Gilmour, James, plumber, 2 Craighead Road
Gilmour, Miss Margaret, 76 Riverside Road, Wormit
Gilruth, Alex., B.L; Town Clerk, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Gilruth, Alex., Office, Municipal Buildings; Clerk, [under Vicarsford Cemetery]
Gilruth, Alexander, (solicitor, Dundee), town clerk, 24 Norwood
Glass, Harry, salesman, 9 Alma Terrace
Glass, Misses, 57 Kilmany Road, Wormit
Gleig, Norman B., farmer, Woodhaven Farm, Wormit
Gold, Sydney, jute merchant, 18 Norwood
Goodfellow, Mrs R. K., 13 Westfield Terrace
Gordon, John, accountant, 11 Alma Terrace
Gordon, Mrs S., 44 High Street
Gow, Mrs D., 3 Myrtle Terrace
Graham, G.; Constable, [under Newport-On-Tay Police Office, 42 St. Fort Road, Wormit]
Graham, Robert, C.A., 9 Tayview Terrace
Graham, William, 27 Craighead Road
Grainger, Agnes W., 67 Kilmany Road
Grant, A. S., 1 Seacraig Court
Grant, A., 26 Elizabeth Crescent
Grant, C. M. 34 Riverside Road
Grant, Douglas, 19 Kilmany Road, Wormit
Grant, H., 36 Queen Street
Grant, J. W., civil engineer, 2 West Road

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