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1971 dir      There are 1010 records.

Millar, Joseph, lecturer, 13 West Road
Millar, Miss C., 104 Tay Street
Millar, R. J., 18 Boat Road : Electrical Engineers
Millar, R. J., electrical engineer, 18 Boat Road
Millar, Ralph W., 33 Bay Road, Wormit
Millar, Ronald, assembler, 72 Riverside Road
Millar, T., 33 Bay Road, Wormit
Miller, George B., 16 Kilnburn Place
Miller, John, schoolmaster, 70 West Road
Miln, Miss Margaret, 2 Beechwood Terrace West
Miln, Mrs M. S., 4 Kerr Street
Milne, Charles director, 14 St Fort Road
Milne, David, 5 Alma Terrace
Milne, Mrs H. M. 70 Tay Street
Milne, Mrs J. Fyfe, 7 Mount Stewart Road, Wormit
Milne, Robert A., postman, 41 Kinbrae Park
Milne, Robert W., 19 Naughton Road, Wormit
Mitchell, I. W., butcher, 42 Riverside Road, Wormit
Mitchell, Mrs M. 5 Beechwood Terrace East
Mitchell, R. M., 36 Norwood
Mitchell, W., 16 Prospect Terrace
Mohr, Florence M., 51 Cupar Road
Moncur, George L, painter, 4 Craighead Road
Moncur, Hugh, painter, 1 Mars Gardens, Woodhaven, Wormit
Monks, Mrs Catherine, 28 Cupar Road
Montgomery, Thomas, 2 Gowrie Street
Moodie, Frank, accountant, 45 Naughton Road
Moore, W., 28 High Street
Morgan, James, 92 Tay Street
Morrison, James D. 2 Hillpark Terrace, Wormit
Morrison, Thomas, Ph.D., B.Sc., F.R.I.C., (lecturer, Dundee), 21 Naughton Road, Wormit
Morrocco, Valentino, architect, 12 Norwood
Morton, J. D., burgh surveyor and sanitary inspector, Municipal Buildings, Scott Street; h. 9 Kerr Street
Morton, J. D.; Burgh Surveyor, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Morton, Mrs J. K. 8 William Street
Morton, R. D., 2 Victoria Street
Motion, Miss R., 2 King Street
Moulds, George H., 32 West Road
Mudie, Miss A. May, teacher, 11 Linden Avenue
Muir, James T., (merchant, Dundee), 12 Tayview Terrace
Muirhead, John, 13 Alma Terrace
Muirhead, Mrs J. 5 Beechwood Terrace West
Mungo, Mrs H., 23 Naughton Road, Wormit
Munro, David M., Cupar Road; Congregational Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship]
Munro, Rev. David M. Congregational Church; h. Cupar Road
Murdoch, George, 11 Beechwood Terrace West
Murphy, Mrs Agnes, 1 Bank Street
Murray, A. J., manager, 8 Craigshannoch Road, Wormit
Murray, Austin, 36 Birkhill Avenue, Wormit
Murray, G. E., 33 Kilnburn

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