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1971 dir      There are 1010 records.

Peebles, D. A. M., Hillpark Terrace, Wormit
Peggie, A. H. 2 Shepherd's Road
Pennington, J. H., 14 Riverside Road, Wormit
Pert, Mrs M., 6 Elizabeth Crescent
Peter, D. B., chemist, 9 Kilnburn
Peter, Michael M., 31 Kilmany Road, Wormit
Petrie, D., architectural draughtsman, 1 Braeside Road
Petrie, David, upholsterer, 9 Hillpark Terrace, Wormit
Phillips, David, bank manager, 66 Bay Road, Wormit
Phyn, J., 13 East Queen Street
Pilkington, Miss A. M., Whincrag, Norwood; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport-On-Tay]
Pilkington, Miss M., Whincraig, Norwood
Pirie, Mrs J., 3 Hillview, Wormit
Plenderleath, Mrs M., 1 Alma Terrace
Ponikowski, Cezary, 15 Wellgate Street
Porter, R. E., lecturer, 35 Kinbrae Park
Powrie, George R., manager, 22 St. Fort Road, Wormit
Priesner, Mrs Janet, S.E.A.N., 39 Robert Street
Pritchard, K. W.; Burgh Prosecutor, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Proudfoot, George T., insurance clerk, 5 Glenleven Drive, Wormit
Prowse, A. H., 27 King Street
Purdie, Squadron-leader A., 8 Tay Street
Ramsay, A. R., 29 Kilnburn
Ramsay, Allan, 3 West Road
Ramsden, Miss W. M., 75 Kilmany Road, Wormit
Rankin, James, director, 61 Cupar Road
Rankine, A. L., 1 St. Fort Road : Joiners And Funeral Directors
Rankine, Alexander L., joiner and funeral director, 1 St. Fort Road, Wormit
Ratcliffe, Kenneth, manager, 16 Birkhill Avenue, Wormit
Rattray, D., 5 Seacraig Court
Rawlings, R. T., commercial artist, 30 Queen Street
Regent, P. F., lecturer, 15 Woodmuir Crescent
Reid, A., lecturer, 108 Tay Street
Reid, Albert, 13 Victoria Street
Reid, Edward, gardener, 16 Seacraig Court
Reid, Thomas A. 6 Birkhill Avenue, Wormit
Rennie, J. W. 58 West Road
Rennie, J. W., 58 West Road, Newport-on-Tay; Secretary, [under Wormit Boating Club]
Rhodes, Richard, 12 Elizabeth Crescent
Richard, Miss M. E., 9 Victoria Street
Richardson, Wallace, Albert Crescent : Slaters
Richardson, Wallace, slater, Albert Crescent; h. 11 Craighead Road
Rimmer, A. R., electrical engineer, 71 Bay Road, Wormit
Ritchie, Charles, 30 Norwood
Ritchie, Graeme, C.A. 39 Gowrie Street
Robb, lain, postman, 20 Kinbrae Park
Roberts, William, manager, 50 Riverside Road, Wormit
Robertson Rest Home, 7 Beechwood Terrace West; R. L. Clayton, superintendent
Robertson, A. B., (grocer, Dundee), 79 Riverside Road, Wormit
Robertson, A. G., 13 Woodmuir Crescent

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