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1891-92 MacDonald dir      There are 65 records.

Roger, Thomas, High st. : GrocersLocation
Scott, J & J., Kirkton, Balmerino : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Scott, Mrs : coffee house keeper : MiscellaneousLocation
Scott, Walter, Gauldry : Joiners[not in Forgan parish]
Scott, Walter, Gauldry : Tailors And Clothiers[not in Forgan parish]
Sellars, Peter A., Union st. : Grocers & Spirit DealersLocation
Sharp, T., Railway station : Coal DealersLocation
Shepherd, Miss L., High street : Bookseller And StationerLocation
Steel, R., Gauldry ; millwright : Miscellaneous[not in Forgan parish]
Stewart, James, Newport; registered plumber : Plumbers And Gasfitters Location
Storrier, J., Pierhead : Plasterers And SlatersLocation
Sturrock, William Union st. : Boot And Shoe MakersLocation
Tait, Robert, Union st. : BuildersLocation
Young, James, High st. : BakersLocation
Young, William, Sea mills : BlacksmithsLocation

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