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1921-22 MacDonald dir      There are 563 records.

Morton, J., Darvel Lodge, E. N. Location
Muir, Allan, Crosshill ter., Wormit Location
Muir, Thomas, Son, & Patton, Ltd., Wormit : Coal MerchantsLocation Location (2)
Munn, Rev. T., The Manse, Forgan Location Location (2)
Munro, John, Ardoch Villa, Wormit Location
Murdoch, Geo., Park house, Wester NewportLocation
Murdoch, Miss, Rosendaal, W. N. Location
Murdoch, Mrs, WoodhavenLocation
Murray, George, 5 High street : ButchersLocation
Murray, George, Craighead House Location
Myles, Mrs. Alma HouseLocation
Napier, Misses, Glenorchy, Wormit Location
Newport, Boat road : HotelsLocation
Nicoll & Smibert, Pierhead : BakersLocation
Nicoll, J., Leahurst, E. N.Location
Nicoll, Miss, Vine Bank, Tay st. Location
Niven, A. K., Pierhead : ButchersLocation Location (2)
Niven, Alex. K., 10 Tay terrace Location
Niven, David, 1 Linden avenue Location
Niven, Peter G., Tay terraceLocation
Noonan, Rev. J., King st.Location
Norrie, Robert, Kilnburn place Location
Oakley, F. I., The Firs, Wormit Location
Oakley, W. I.; Bailie [under Town Officials]
Orchison, Mrs, Carseview, Wormit Location
Ormond, R. J., 2 Hill cres., Wormit Location
Orwin, Jas., Broadhaugh, W. N. Location
Pae, David, Prospect terraceLocation
Pae, W. J., 3 Linden avenueLocation
Pairman, Thos., William st.Location
Paisley, Mrs, 1 Myrtle ter.Location
Paterson, A., Ashton, Woodhaven Location
Paterson, A., Drumalis, Woodhaven Location
Paterson, J. M., Lynedoch, Wormit Location
Paterson, Miss R. A., St Phillan's place Location
Patterson, John M., Wormit : Tailors And Clothiers
Pattullo, T. S., 3 Kilnburn place Location
Paul, A. A., Waterston, Wester NewportLocation
Payne, H. A., 1 Woodbine terrace Location
Pearson, D., West Newport : BootmakersLocation
Peat, Misses, Craiglea, Wormit Location
Peattie, George, Rockville, W. N. Location
Peebles, John A., Waterside, Wormit Location
Petrie, D. M., Hainan, Wormit Location
Philip, W. S., 2 Kilnburn terrace Location
Pilkington, R. M., St Fort HouseLocation
Potter, Wm. N., Riverview, WormitLocation
Prain, Miss, Hazelbank, WormitLocation
Proctor, J. P., teacher, 6 Tay terraceLocation
Prophet, Wm., Viewbank, Wormit Location

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