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1927-28 MacDonald dir      There are 727 records.

M'Donald, Miss, Thornbank, E. N. Location
M'Donald, Mrs, The Anchorage, WormitLocation
M'Ewan, D., Woodriffe terrace Location
M'Gavin, D. R., 13 Linden avenue Location
M'Glashan, D., Boat brae : Fishmongers Location
M'Gregor, D., Union st. : Painters And Paper-HangersLocation
M'Gregor, Miss, Alpine Cot., W. N. Location
M'Gregor, Misses, Whinfell, Wormit Location
M'Innes, N. G., Woodriffe terrace Location
M'Intosh, A., teacher, 7 Alma terrace, Wester NewportLocation
M'Kean, John F., Rockville, W. N. Location
M'Kenzie, Mrs Sylvan House Location
M'Kenzie, Mrs, 4 Hill cres., Wormit Location
M'Kenzie, Mrs, Riverview, Wormit Location
M'Kinnon, D. J. jun., Wormit Location
M'Laggan, Miss, Fern Cottage, W. N. Location
M'Laggan, Misses, 14 Kilnburn, E. N. Location
M'Leod, Norman, Dunvegan, Wormit Location
M'Pherson, D. D., Sea Craig, Tay st. Location
M'Quoid, Jas., Lynedoch, Wormit Location
M'Ritchie, I. Kilmany road, Wormit Location
M'Walter, Miss, Olivet Villa, Wormit Location
Macdonald, A., Cliffside, Wormit Location
Macdonald, H. W., Hillside, E. N. Location
Macdonald, W. Bellfield, Tayview ter. Location
Macdougald, Mrs, Tay st., E. N.Location
Mackay, Misses, Hermon Hill, Hillside placeLocation
Mackay, W., Union st. : Painters And Paper-Hangers
Mackay, Wm., Lornville, Tay st. Location
Mackechnie, W., Kinnoull, Wormit Location
Mackie, A., & Son, Newburgh road, Wormit; moulding specialists : Miscellaneous
Mackie, D., & Son, Victoria st. : BuildersLocation
Mackie, D., Victoria st.Location
Mackie, R. L., Greenloaning, Wormit Location
Mackie, Wm. I., Victoria st. Location
Macleod, Miss, 3 Norwood, E. N. Location
Macnab, J., banker, 1 Hillpark terrace, WormitLocation
Macpherson, D. S., 2 Alma terrace, Wester NewportLocation
Macqueen, Wm. B., Drumalis, WoodhavenLocation
Mair, Mrs, Rotherwood, Wester NewportLocation
Marland, C., Woodriffe terrace Location
Martin, James R., Helenbank, Wester NewportLocation
Massarella, G., Boat brae, West Newport : ConfectionersLocation
Mather, Mrs, Kilry Cot., Tay st. Location
Mathers, Jas., 2 Norwood ter., E. N. Location
Matthew, Miss, 9 Kilnburn, E. N. Location
Maxwell, D. C., Westmount, Wormit Location
Maxwell, Mrs, 3 Struan place, E. N. Location
Maxwell, Mrs, Lebanon Villa, Wormit Location
McRitchie, Steel, Woodbank : BuildersLocation

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