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1929-30 MacDonald dir      There are 642 records.

Ewing, Alex., Craigrossie, Wormit Location
Fairweather, J., 15 Norwood, E. N. Location
Fairweather, J., High st. : HairdressersLocation
Fairweather, Mrs, St Phillan's place Location
Falconer, L. C., 8 Kilnburn, E. N. Location
Falconer, Mrs, Tay terrace, E. N. Location
Falconer, S. M., 5 Tay terrace, E. N.Location
Farquharson, G., Rowan Bank, Wormit
Farquharson, J., & Sons (of Dundee), Wormit. Phone No. 48 : Plumbers And Gas-Fitters
Fenton, Jas., Woodmuir ter., W. N. Location
Fenton, W., Pierhead : Painters And Paper-Hangers
Fenton, Wm., Thymbra Lodge, E. N. Location
Ferguson & Dunnett, High st. : BakersLocation
Ferguson, Miss, Tay terrace, E. N. Location
Ferguson, Misses, 10 Norwood, E. N. Location
Ferguson, Thos., 2 Linden ave., E. N. Location
Fernie, R., 4 Myrtle terraceLocation
Ferrie, C., Robert st. : Plasterers And Slaters
Fithie, Mrs, Beechwood, Wester NewportLocation
Fleming, E. D., Woodmuir ter., W. N.Location
Fleming, Mrs, Braeside, W. N. Location
Fleming, T. P., Ravenscraig, Tay st Location
Foggie, W., Hillside place, E. N.Location
Foote, Jas., Woodmore. W. N.
Forbes, Miss, 9 Robert street : Drapers
Forbes, R. G., 17 Kilnburn, E. N. Location
Forrest, A. D., Westfield ter., W. N. Location
Forrest, Miss, 13 Hillpark terrace, WormitLocation
Forrest, S., Kilnburn House, E. N. Location
Forsyth, Wm., teacher, Forgan Location
Fowlis, Mrs, Invermay, Wormit Location
Frame, Rey. H. F., The Manse, Forgan
Fraser, Dr W. C., 7 Norwood, E. N.Location
Fraser, E. H., Tay View ter., E. N.Location
Fraser, Miss, Ashbank House, E. N. Location
Fraser, Miss, Bay road, Wormit Location
Fraser, Mrs, 4 Prospect ter., E. N. Location
Fraser, W., 7 Norwood; dental surgeon : MiscellaneousLocation
French, W. F., Taybank, E. N. Location
French, W. F.; Provost [under Town Officials]
Froebel, F. E. V., Daisy Bank, Wormit
Gair, M., Fernbank, Wormit Location
Galloway, F. T., 3 Alma terrace. W. N. Location
Galt, Miss, Brooklyn, Tay st., E. N. Location
Garland, Misses, Newburgh road, Wormit
Geddes, John C., Scroggieside
Geddes, John C., Wormit
Gerrie, Geo. R., 6 Kilnburn, E. N.Location
Gibb, Miss, 12 Norwood, E. N. Location
Gibson, J., 8 Norwood ter., E. N. Location

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