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1930-31 MacDonald dir      There are 642 records.

Borthwick, H., Bellevue, Wormit Location
Bowden, Miss, Tayport road : Tea And Refreshment Rooms
Brakenridge, D. H., Netherlea, W. N Location
Breen, W. W., Briar Lea, E. N. Location
Bremner, J., Esley, Wester Newport Location
Brighton, Mrs, Woodfield, WormitLocation
Brodie, C. N., Moyvilla, Wormit Location
Brown, A. E., Eastbrook, Albert crescent, Easter NewportLocation
Brown, C. K., 13 Kilnburn, E. N. Location
Brown, D., Dunolly, WormitLocation
Brown, J. D., 11 Hill cres., Wormit Location
Brown, Misses, Tay View terrace Location
Brown, Mrs, Ashcliffe, Scroggieside Location
Bruce, D., Newburgh road, Wormit : DairykeepersLocation
Bruce, James, Seabank Cottage Location
Bruce, T. G., Derby HouseLocation
Buchanan, A., 5 Hillpark ter., Wormit Location
Buchanan, J., Hilbre, Scroggieside Location
Buchanan, Mrs, Wellgate park, W, N. Location
Buik, Charles W., Braeknowe, Wester NewportLocation
Burnett, Mrs D., 2 Robert st.; also tea rooms : Confectioners
Burnett, Mrs, Ingleside, Wormit Location
Calderwood, Mrs, Primrosebank. W.N. Location
Caldwell, J., Osborne place : DairykeepersLocation
Caldwell, Rev. C. S., Parsonage, E. N.
Callaghan, J., Craggan Mhor, Wormit Location
Cameron, E., Tayside : Tea And Refreshment Rooms
Cameron, Mrs, Glenloy, Wormit Location
Campbell, Miss, Fernlea, Laurel ter.Location
Cappon, Miss, Cliff BankLocation
Carnegie, Miss, 11 Hillpark ter., WormitLocation
Carswell, D., 3 Hillpark ter., Wormit Location
Carswell, Mrs, 12 Linden ave., E. N. Location
Chalmers, A., Pierhead : Chemists And PharmacistsLocation
Chalmers, A., St Phillan's place, E. N. Location
Christie, E. W., Ashdene, Wormit Location
Christie, Jas., Violetbank, WormitLocation
Christie, Miss, Craigatin, E. N. Location
Christie, W. C., Ninewells [under Farmers]Location
Clark, Mrs, Oakdene, W. N.Location
Clark, Rev. J. A., B.D., Manse rd., Easter NewportLocation
Clark, W.; Burgh Surveyor [under Town Officials]Location
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. : Banks
Collie, G. A., & Son, Wormit : Cycle & Motor AgentsLocation
Collie, G. A., & Son, Wormit Motor Garage, Wormit : Motor EngineersLocation
Collie, G. A., & Son, Wormit Motor Garage, Wormit : Motor GaragesLocation
Collie, G. A., St Leonard's. WormitLocation
Comar, Miss, Queen st., E. N.Location
Cook, Wm. K., Woodriffe ter., E. N. Location
Cooper, David S., 4 Youngsdale place Location

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