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1908 Tayside Annual      There are 1458 records.

Leng, W. C.; Executive Committee [under Forgan Liberal Association]
Leng, William C., newspaper proprietor, Highfield, W.Location
Leslie, David, tailor, 'Mars' ; h., Woodhaven Terrace [in Wormit directory]Location Location (2)
Leslie, John, insurance secretary, Youngsdale Place.Location
Lillico, Thomas; Hon. Secretary, [under Newport Working Men's Club.]
Lindberg, Mrs O. M., Fernbrae, W. Newport. Location
Lindsay, Alex., cashier, Seatonbrae. [in Wormit directory]
Lindsay, Alexander; [under Forgan School Board.]
Lindsay, Mrs David, Woodhaven. [in Wormit directory]Location
Lindsay, Walter; Committee [under Newport Liberal Club. Club Rooms: Kilnburn. Annual Subscription From 2s 6d]
Logie, James, insurance broker, Linden Av. Location
Low, Andrew, shipmaster, Sunnybank, E. Location
Low, David, manager, Dalvreck. [in Wormit directory]Location
Low, James S., merchant, Linden Avenue. Location
Low, James, railway servant, High Level. [in Wormit directory]Location
Low, John C., merchant, Inglewood, Cupar Rd. Location
Low, John Campbell jun., clerk, Inglewood, E. Location
Low, John, draper, 2 Myrtle Terrace. Location
Low, John, shipmaster, 12 Hill Terrace. [in Wormit directory]Location
Low, Mrs John, Myrtle Terrace, E.Location
Low, W. C.; Hon. Vice-President [under Newport Literary Society, Founded 1879. ]
Lowe, J. M.; Committee [under Newport Choral Society.]
Lowe, J. M.; Vice-Chairman, [under Newport Literary Society, Founded 1879. ]
Lowe, James M.; Auditor [under Newport Literary Society, Founded 1879. ]
Lowe, James, accountant, Marybank, E.Location
Lowson, Daniel; Recreation, [under Newport Town Council]
Lowson, J. J.; Treasurer [under Trinity U.F. Church, Newport]Location
Lowson, John J., insurance inspector, Norwood Terrace.Location
Lowson, Miss, Bellevue Terrace.Location
Lowson, Mrs Helen L. Imrie or, Alma Terrace.Location
Lowson, Mrs John L., 4 Norwood, E. Newport.Location
Lowson, P.; Committee [under Wormit Literary Society.]
Lowson, Peter, clothier, Dundee, Ardlui, E.
Lowson, Peter, teacher, Fernlea. [in Wormit directory]Location
Lumsden, John, surfaceman, High Level. [in Wormit directory]Location [could be 8 or 12]
M'Caskell, John, postman, 1 Holly Cottages. Location
M'Donald, Geo., gardener, James Square.
M'Donald, Mrs James Y., Thornbank, Cupar Road.Location
M'Dougald, Miss; Ladies' Committee [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club.]Location (2)
M'Dougall, Alex., carpenter, 'Mars'; h., Woodhaven., [in Wormit directory]Location Location (2)
M'Gavin, Robert, merchant, 13 Linden Av. Location
M'Glashan, David, fishmonger, Pierhead. Location
M'Gregor, Donald; Cemetery Superintendent, [under Forgan Parish Council.]
M'Gregor, Misses, booksellers, Laburnumbank. [in Wormit directory]Location
M'Gregor, Mrs Margaret, Alpine Cottage, W. Location
M'Gregor, Mrs, Scroggieside. [in Wormit directory]
M'Gregor, Peter, M.A., The Manse; Minister, Rev. [under St Fillan's U.F. Church, Newport]Location Location (2)
M'Gregor, Rev. Peter, M.A., St Fillan's Manse.Location
M'Intosh, Alex., mason, William Street. Location
M'Intosh, Mrs Isabella, Robert Street.

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