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1878-79 dir      There are 498 records.

Jobson, David; President, [under Newport Curling Club] Location (2)
Johnston, George, spirit merchant, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Johnston, Samuel, farmer, Fincraigs, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Johnston, Thos.; Committee (Amateurs) [under Newport Horticultural Society]
Johnstone, Joseph J., solicitor, St Phillan's place, East NewportLocation[probably here]
Johnstone, Mrs William, The Terrace, West NewportLocation
Just, David, Justfield, West NewportLocation
Just, George, builder, Laura place, West NewportLocation
Just, Miss, The Terrace, West NewportLocation
Just, Mrs Thomas, Maryfield house. East NewportLocation
Kay, Alexander, farmer, FlassLocation
Kay, David, bootmaker, Union street, East NewportLocation
Kay, James M., accountant, Woodriffe cottage, East NewportLocation
Kay, John (wholesale grocer, Dundee), Tay terrace. East NewportLocation
Keay, Andrew G., Royal Hotel, Tay streetLocation
Keenan, Thomas (merchant, Dundee), Gowanbank, West NewportLocation
Kelt, Misses, teachers, Tay terrace. East NewportLocation
Kermath, Miss, Mackie place, West NewportLocation
Kerr, Robert, Ellenmount villa, West NewportLocation
Kidd, Mrs Charles, Wellpark terrace. West NewportLocation
Kidd, Mrs James, Tay cottage, East NewportLocation
Kidd, Robert, millwright, King street. East NewportLocation
Kinnear, John M., clothier and tailor, 12 High streetLocation
Kinnear, John T. (clothier, Dundee), Wellpark terrace, West NewportLocation
Knox, John, Royal Navy, WoodhavenLocation
Lamb, Mrs, house proprietor, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Landsman, William, seaman, King street, East NewportLocation
Latto, David, joiner, High street ; h. Tay street. East NewportLocationLocation (2)
Lawson, Henry G., farmer, CausewayheadLocation
Lawson, James (clothier, Dundee), Kilnburn place. East NewportLocation
Lawson, Mrs David, Tay terrace. East NewportLocation
Lawson, Mrs, 3 Myrtle terrace, East NewportLocation
Learmonth, John, & Son, bootmakers, High street ; h. Briar cottageLocationLocation (2)
Leitch, Andrew, of Ireland, Leitch, & Co., Hill crescentLocation
Leng, John (managing proprietor of Dundee Advertiser), KinbraeLocation
Leng, John, Kinbrae, President ; [under Newport Horticultural Society]Location
Leslie, Mrs Mary, 7 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocation
Lindsay, David, clerk, Greenbank, West NewportLocation
Lindsay, John, gardener. Poplar place, East NewportLocation
Logie, James, late farmer, Woodriffe terrace. East NewportLocation
Low, James, retired Customhouse officer, 13 High streetLocation
Low, John C, house proprietor, 4 Myrtle terrace. East NewportLocation
Low, Mrs James, Woodriffe terrace, East NewportLocation
Low, Mrs, berlin wool and fancy repository, 14 High street ; h. 13LocationLocation (2)
Lowden, Andrew, grocer. West NewportLocation
Lowden, William, blacksmith, Tayfield smithyLocation
Lowe, John M. (teller, B. L. Bank, Dundee), Prospect ter., E. NewportLocation
Lowe, John M; Committee (Amateurs) [under Newport Horticultural Society]
Lowe, Mrs Isaac, Woodside, East NewportLocation
Lowson, Mrs John L., 16 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocation

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