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1878-79 dir      There are 498 records.

Brown, David (cashier, West Station, Dundee), Bloomfield house, E. NewportLocation
Brown, George, jun., clerk, Tay terrace, East NewportLocation
Brown, James, builder, Kilnburn houseLocation
Brown, James, carrier, Gauldry, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Brown, John (sbipbuilder, Dundee), Elma villa, East Newport;Location
Brown, Mrs Alexander, Ivybank, West NewportLocation
Brown, Mrs George, Rosebank cottage. West NewportLocation
Brown, Mrs, William, Woodend, West NewportLocation
Brown, Robert, jun. (bootmaker, Dundee), 3 Kilnburn place, E. NewportLocation
Brown, Robert, Seacraig house, East NewportLocation
Brown, William, & Co., corn merchants, Woodriffe terrace, E, NewportLocation
Brown, William, jobbing gardener, West NewportLocation
Brymer, Thomas, house proprietor, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Burns, John S., grocer, 7 James square, East Newport [?]
Butchart, James, Greenwood cottage. East NewportLocation
Cade, A. H. (merchant, Dundee), The CliffLocation
Calman, Mrs, The Anchorage, East NewportLocation
Cameron, Duncan, mason, Forgan ; h. NewportLocation
Campbell, Alex; Director, [under Newport Bowling Club] Location (2)
Campbell, Alexander (merchant, Dundee), Prospect terrace, E. NewportLocation
Campbell, Donald (teacher, Dundee), Maryfield terrace. East NewportLocation[?]
Campbell, Rev. James, D.D., Balmerino Manse[not in Forgan parish]
Cappon, James, shipowner, Cliffbank, East NewportLocation
Carr, M. S; Director, [under Newport Bowling Club] Location (2)
Carr, Michael S. (warehouseman, Dundee), Tay cliff house, East NewportLocation
Chapman, James (confectioner, Dundee), West NewportLocation
City of Glasgow Bank, Robt. Boyd, agent ; H. G. Marquis, accountantLocation
Clark, D. R. (printer, Dundee), Maryfield terrace, East NewportLocation
Clark, George, M. A. (teacher, Dundee), Bellevue terrace, E. NewportLocation
Cochrane, Mrs, Woodriffe terrace. East NewportLocation
Comar, William (clothier, Dundee), Tayview terrace. East NewportLocation
Conacher, William, gardener, St. FortLocation
Conacher, William; Committee (Practical Gardeners) [under Newport Horticultural Society]
Congleton, Thomas, solicitor and notary, Wellgate park, West NewportLocation
Connel, Mrs William, Edina villa, Tayview terrace, East NewportLocation
Connell, John M. (bootmaker, Dundee), Tay terrace. East NewportLocation
Constable, James (draper, Dundee), William streetLocation
Cooper, Mrs David, 1 Myrtle terrace. East NewportLocation
Cox, Mrs, Woodside, East NewportLocation
Craig, James, house proprietor. Woodbine terraceLocation
Crichton, Peter, confectioner. West NewportLocation
Crooks, Robert (ironmonger, Dundee), Bramblebank cot., W. NewportLocation
Cross, Alex, (commission agent, Dundee), Robert street, East NewportLocation
Cumming, Gersham, artist. Holly cottage. West NewportLocation
Cunningham, David (civil engineer, Dundee), Rosehill cot., W. NewportLocation
Cunningham, John, merchant, Viewbank, East NewportLocation
Curror, Adam H., farmer, WormitLocation
Davidson, Mrs Alexander, Holly cottage. West NewportLocation
Davidson, Robert, builder, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Deuchars, Lawrence, engineer. Hillside cottage, East NewportLocation

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