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1882 Slater dir      There are 426 records.

Durham Mr. James, Wingate plLocation
Easson Mr. Thos., Fairview Cottage, E NLocation
Farquharson Mrs. Catherine, Ardal Bank, East NewportLocation
Fenton William, Pierhead : Painters & Paperhangers.Location
Fenwick Peter (Newport Hotel & posting house), Newport : Spirit Dealers & Public Houses.Location
Fenwick Peter, Northfield : Farmers In Forgan Parish.Location
Ferguson Robert, Railway station, East Newport : Coal Merchants.Location
Fergusson John, master, Newport : Board Schools Location (2)
Fergusson Mr. John, Youngsdale plLocation
Ferrier Mr. Thos. M., Tay View House, E NLocation
Ferrier William, plasterer, Robert st : Miscellaneous.Location
Findlay William, Littleinch : Farmers In Balmerino Parish.[not in Forgan parish]
Fleming James, West Newport : Boot & Shoe Makers.Location
Fleming Mr. James R., 6 St. Phillan's plLocation
Fleming Mr. Peter, Brae Side House, W NLocation
Fleming Mr. Robert, TighnavonLocation
Fleming Robert, hairdresser, Woodriffe ter : Miscellaneous.Location
Flynn Michael, training ship officer, Holly Cottage, West Newport : Miscellaneous.Location
Foggie John, Newport : Joiners.Location
Foggie William, Pierhead : Joiners.Location
Forbes Miss Jessie, Well Park ter. W NLocation
Fowlis John, Gauldry : Boot & Shoe Makers.[not in Forgan parish]
Frain Mr. William, Tay View terLocation
Fraser Rev. Thomas, Laurel terLocation
Fraser Rev. Thos., Established Church Newport (St. Thomas) : Places Of Worship And Their Ministers.Location
Frazer Mr. George B., Myrtle Bank, E NLocation
Fyfe John, Forgan : Tailors. [Pickletillum][not in Forgan parish]
Fyffe James, (& tinsmith), High st : Plumbers & Gasfitters.Location
Gardiner Gilbert, Coultra : Farmers In Balmerino Parish.[not in Forgan parish]
Gardyne Miss Jessie, 3 Myrtle terLocation
Garland Mr. Joseph, Well Park ter. W NLocation
Geddes Miss Helen, Beulah Bank, E NLocation
Gibb Margaret, Tay st : Spirit Dealers & Public Houses.Location
Gibson Mr. Kenneth M., Viewfield Cottage, East NewportLocation
Gilfillan Mrs. Margaret, Esley, W NLocation
Gillespie Alexander, Kirkton Barns : Farmers In Forgan Parish.Location
Glenday Mr. Robert A., Youngsdale VillaLocation
Gordon Mr. James, Sylvan House, E NLocation
Graham John, Balmerino : Boot & Shoe Makers.[not in Forgan parish]
Gray Margaret, refreshment rooms, W N : Miscellaneous.Location
Guthrie Misses -, Kilnburn villasLocation
Hain Mrs. Isabella, 4 Alma ter. W NLocation
Halley Miss Jane, Rose Cottage, W NLocation
Halley Mr. David, Woodmuir Villa, W NLocation
Halley Mr. Francis, Woodmuir Vila, W NLocation
Halley Mrs. Janet, Sunnyside House, W NLocation
Hannan James D., C.E., Tayfield estate office, Newport : Miscellaneous.Location
Harris Mr. Arthur, Elmbank HouseLocation
Harris Thomas, West Newport : Grocers & Spirit DealersLocation
Hay Robert, Wormit : Farmers In Forgan Parish.Location

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