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1882 Slater dir      There are 426 records.

Henderson George, Coultra : Farmers In Balmerino Parish.[not in Forgan parish]
Henderson George, Kirkton, Balmerino : Grocers.[not in Forgan parish]
Henderson Miss Helen, Woodburn Cottage, West NewportLocation
Henderson Mr. James, Rookies, E NLocation
Hislop Andrew, teacher of languages, King st : Miscellaneous.Location
Holden Mrs. Mary, Woodmoor Villa, W NLocation
Honeyman Mr. William C., Brae Side Villa, West NewportLocation
Horsburgh James, Railway station, East Newport : Coal Merchants.Location
Howat Miss Helen, Albany Villa, E NLocation[probable address]
Hume The Misses, Rosebank, W NLocation
Hunter Mr, Robert, Woodriffe terLocation
Hurry William, Robert st : Bakers.Location
Husband Andrew, Gauldry : Grocers.[not in Forgan parish]
Ireland Mr. Thomas, Hope Bank, E NLocation
Ireland Mrs. George, Taymount, E NLocation
Irving Mr. William G., Youngsdale plLocation
Jack James S., High st : Plumbers & Gasfitters.Location
Jameson Mr. John C., Carron Cottage, E NLocation
Jeffrey Mr. David, 16 Kilnburn plLocation
Jessiman Mr. John., 1 Alma ter. W NLocation
Jobson Mrs. Mary, Laurel terLocation
Johnston George, Fincraigs, Gauldry : Farmers In Balmerino Parish.[not in Forgan parish]
Johnston George, Gauldry : Grocers & Spirit Dealers[not in Forgan parish]
Johnston George, Gauldry : Spirit Dealers & Public Houses.[not in Forgan parish]
Johnston George, marine engineer, Rosehill Cottage, West Newport : Miscellaneous.Location
Johnstone J. J., clerk of Forgan School Board, 8 St. Phillan's pl. Newport : Miscellaneous.Location
Johnstone Mr. Joseph J., 8 St. Phillan's plLocation
Just George, Laura pl. West Newport : Builders.Location
Just Johanna, Gowanbank, W N : Milliners & Dressmakers.Location
Just Mr. David, Justfield, W NLocation
Just Mr. Robert, The Terrace, W NLocation
Just Mrs. Barbara, Sunnyside House, W NLocation
Kay Alexander, Flass : Farmers In Forgan Parish.Location
Kay John, jun. James sq : Grocers.Location
Kay Mr. John, Prospect terLocation
Keay Andrew G., (Royal Hotel), Newport : Spirit Dealers & Public Houses.Location
Keenan Mr. Thomas, Gowanbank, W NLocation
Keith Mr. James, Alma ter. W NLocation
Kelt Lydia, Tay ter : Academies & Schools.Location
Kermath Miss Isabella, Mackie pl. W NLocation
Kerr Mr. Robert, Ellenmount Villa, W NLocation
Kidd Mrs. Alexander, Mackie pl. W NLocation
Kidd Mrs. Grace, Well Park ter. W NLocation
Kidd Mrs. James, Broadhaugh, W NLocation
Kinley James, Newton, Balmerino : Blacksmiths.Location
Kinnear Mr. John T., Well Park ter. W NLocation
Kinnison Mrs Margaret F., The Beeches, W NLocation[?]
Latto Arthur, mattress maker, Robert st : Miscellaneous.Location
Latto David, Tay st : Joiners.Location
Lawson Henry G., Causeway head : Farmers In Forgan Parish.Location

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