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1882 Slater dir      There are 426 records.

Lawson Jemima, tobacconist, Pierhead : Miscellaneous. [?]
Lawson Mr. James, 20 Kilnburn plLocation
Lawson Mrs. Ann, Tay terLocation
Learmonth John & Son, High st : Boot & Shoe Makers.Location
Leighton Mr. David, Well Park ter. W NLocation
Leitch Mr. Andrew, Hillcrest, W NLocation
Leng John, Esq. J.P. KinbraeLocation
Leslie Mrs. Marion, Bellevue terLocation
Lindsay John, gardener, King st : Miscellaneous.Location[? could be this house]
Lindsay Mr. David, Greenbank, W NLocation
Lindsay Mr. Thomas, Rose Lea, E NLocation
Logie Mr. James, Kilnburn villasLocation
Logie Mr. William, Woodriffe terLocation
Louden Andrew, West Newport : Grocers.Location
Low Mr. John C., 4 Myrtle terLocation
Low Mrs. Marion, 15 Kilnburn plLocation
Lowden William, Tayfield : Blacksmiths.Location
Lowe Mrs. Helen, Prospect terLocation
Lowson Miss Marjory, Bellevue terLocation
Lowson Mrs. Margaret, Kilnburn terLocation
M'Cheyne Mr. John, Bramblebank Cottage, West NewportLocation
M'Donald Misses -, teachers of music, Tay ter : Miscellaneous.Location
M'Gregor Mr. David W., Holly Cottage, W NLocation
M'Kenzie Mr. Lewis, Beverley House, E NLocation
M'Laggan Mr. John, 5 St. Phillan's placeLocation
M'Laren John, High st : Grocers & Spirit DealersLocation
M'Leod Rev. Neil, Free Church Manse, NewportLocation
M'Leod Rev. Neil, Free Church Newport : Places Of Worship And Their Ministers.Location
M'Nab Sylvester, cork cutter, W N : Miscellaneous.Location
M'Naughton Catherine, Robert st : Grocers.Location
M'Naughton E. M., agent for J. Puller & Sons, dyers (Perth), Pierhead : Miscellaneous.Location
M'Naughton Euphemia M., Post Mistress, Newport : Post Office, Newport.Location
M'Naughton Rev. James H., Pier head, NewportLocation
Macdonald Mr. Alexander, Tobba Cottage, West NewportLocation
Macdonald Mr. William D., ThornbankLocation
Macdonald Mrs. Isabella, ThornbankLocation
MacDougald Mr. George D., High stLocation
Macdougald Mr. John W., Alma House, W NLocation
Macgregor Mr. Robert C., Alpine Cottage, West NewportLocation
Mackay J. & Son, Pierhead : Painters & Paperhangers.Location
Mackay Mr. George B., Rose Cottage, Tay stLocation
Mackay Mr. Wm. S., Rose Cottage, Tay stLocation
Mackie David, Maryfield ter : Builders.Location
Macrae Rev. David, Tay View House, E NLocation
Mann David, Woodside, East Newport : Builders. [?]
Marquis Sidney J., clerk, The Terrace, W N : Miscellaneous.Location
Martin Mr. William Y. Blyth, Blyth House,Location
Martin Mr. William, HillsideLocation
Martin Mrs. Isabella, Woodside Cottage, E NLocation
Martin William, clerk to the Parochial Board of Forgan, 10 Reform st. Dundee : Miscellaneous.

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