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1882 Slater dir      There are 426 records.

Sidey Mr. Duncan, Craighead HouseLocation
Sievwright Mrs. Margaret, Eifer Lodge, E NLocation
Simpson Mr. Alexander, Woodriffe terLocation
Simpson Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 St. Phillan's plLocation
Small The Misses -, Fern Cottage, W NLocation
Smith John, dairyman, East Newport : Miscellaneous.Location
Smith Marjory, Gauldry : Milliners & Dressmakers.[not in Forgan parish]
Smith Mr William, Ashbank Villa, E NLocation
Smith Mr. Alexander, Rose Mount, E NLocation
Smith Mr. Allan S., Tay Brae Cottage, W NLocation
Smith Mr. James, Taygrove, E NLocation
Smith Mr. John C., Woodriffe terLocation
Smith Mr. William, Woodriffe Cottage, E NLocation
Smith Thomas, Inverdovat : Farmers In Forgan Parish.Location
Somerville Rev. George R., Free Church Logie, Balmerino : Places Of Worship And Their Ministers.[not in Forgan parish]
Somerville Rev. George R., Logie Manse, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
St. Clair Mr. Alexander, Woodbine House, King stLocation
Steel Mr. Ebenezer B., 7 Alma ter. W NLocation
Steven William C., Osborne pl, King st : Ship Masters.Location
Stewart John, Lovaine Villa, E N : Surgeons.Location
Stewart Misses - , (ladies' boarding), Briar Lea, East Newport : Academies & Schools.Location
Stewart Mr. John A., Woodmuir park, W NLocation
Stewart Mr. John, M.D. Lovaine VillaLocation
Stirling Mrs. Mary A., Kirwee House, W NLocation
Storrier John, slater, Union st : Miscellaneous. [?]
Sturrock David, Gallahill, Gauldry : Farmers In Balmerino Parish.[not in Forgan parish]
Sturrock Mr. James, Hill bank, E NLocation
Sturrock William, Union st : Boot & Shoe Makers.Location
Tait Rev. John, M.A. Woodbine terLocation
Taylor Mr. William O., Edina Villa, E NLocation
Taylor Mrs. W. Ogilvie, Greenbank, W NLocation
Taylor Peter, Bottomcraig : Farmers In Balmerino Parish.[not in Forgan parish]
Taylor Thomas, Balmerino : Farmers In Balmerino Parish.[not in Forgan parish]
Taylor William, Muircraig, Gauldry : Farmers In Balmerino Parish.[not in Forgan parish]
Thoms Mr. Henry, Kirwee House, W NLocation
Thoms Mrs. Elizabeth, Seacraig CottageLocation
Thomson James, Pierhead : Boot & Shoe Makers.Location
Thomson Joseph, drill instructor, R. A., Union st : Miscellaneous. [?]
Thomson Mr. James, Dunearn. E NLocation
Thomson Mr. William, Floral bank, E NLocation
Thomson Rev. David, Established Church Forgan : Places Of Worship And Their Ministers.Location
Thomson Rev. David, Manse, ForganLocationLocation (2)
Trail David, hall keeper, Blyth Memorial Public Hall : Miscellaneous.Location
Turnbull John, Railway station, E N : Coal Merchants.
Tyrie Mr. Alexander, Woodside, E NLocation
Valentine Mr. Easton S., M.A. Tay terLocation
Walker Harry, Esq. J.P. WestwoodLocation
Walker Mr. John H., Woodburn VillaLocation
Walker Mr. Robert C., Wingate plLocation
Walker Mr. William N., 2 Hill Park terLocation

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