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1882 Slater dir      There are 426 records.

Watson Mr. Alexander D., Kilnburn VillasLocation
Watson Mr. William B., Woodriffe terLocation
Watson Mrs. Georgina, Kilnburn terLocation
Webster Mr. David, Kilnburn terLocation
Webster Mrs. Robina, 2 St. Phillan's plLocation
Webster Thomas, Grange : Farmers In Balmerino Parish.[not in Forgan parish]
Wedderburn Henry S. Esq., J.P. Birkhill, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Welch Mr. John, 1 Struan plLocation
Whittet the Misses - , Elim bank, W NLocation
Whyte Mrs. Georgina, 13 Kilnburn plLocation
Wilkins Mrs. -, Seacraig House, E NLocation
Willock Mr. Thomas, Rose Cottage, W NLocation
Wilson Ann, King st : Milliners & Dressmakers.Location
Wilson Dr. Thomas G. B.N., 1 Hill Park terLocation
Wilson Mr. John R., Woodmuir park, W NLocation
Wilson Mrs. Agnes, Youngsdale plLocation
Wilson Mrs. Jane, The Beeches, W NLocation
Wilson Mrs. Margaret M., William stLocation
Wybrants Mrs. Susan A., Kilnburn terLocation
Wyse Mr. William, Kilnburn terLocation
Young Andrew, High st : Bakers.Location
Young Andrew, High st : Grocers.Location
Young Mr. Charles, Bellevue terLocation
Young Mrs. Elizabeth, Garland Villa, W NLocation
Young Mrs. Emily, 9 St. Phillan's plLocation
Young William, Sea Mills : Blacksmiths.Location

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