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1889-90 dir      There are 596 records.

Sime, Misses, Abercraig, West NewportLocation
Simpson, James (accountant, Dundee), Cadzow castleLocation
Simpson, Mrs E., 1 St Phillan's place. East NewportLocation
Smith, Allan S. (shipyard manager, Dundee), Taybrae cot., W. NewportLocation
Smith, J. C. (commission merchant, Dundee), 7 Tay ter., East NewportLocation
Smith, Joshua (wine and spirit merch., Dundee), Fern cot., W. NewportLocation
Smith, Miss A. M., Darby house, Tay terraceLocation
Smith, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Smith, Mrs G., fish merchant, PierheadLocation
Smith, Robert (upholsterer, Dundee), Taybrae cottage, West NewportLocation
Smith, Robert; Secretary and Treasurer, [under Newport West-End Club]
Smith, Thomas, farmer, InverdovatLocation
Smith, Thomas; Vice-President, [under Newport Cricket Club, Ground Tayfield Park.]
Smith, Thomas; [under School Board Of Forgan]
Smith, William (merchant, Dundee), Taygrove, East NewportLocation
Sommerville, George R.; Gauldry Free Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship][not in Forgan parish]
Sommerville, Rev. Geo., Logie and Gauldry F.C.; h. Logie, Cupar Fife[not in Forgan parish]
Spankie, Mrs Helen, Bloomfield house, East NewportLocation
St Clair, Alexander, retired jeweller. Woodbine house, East NewportLocation
Steel, E. B. (tea merchant, Dundee), 4 Cliftonbank, East NewportLocation
Steel, Robert, millwright, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Stewart, James, plumber (reg.), Gaswork lane; h. Wilson cot., William st.Location (2)
Stewart, John A., artist & art teacher, Woodmuir park, West NewportLocation
Stewart, John, gamekeeper, St FortLocation
Stewart, John, Honorary Surgeon ; [under Newport Artillery Volunteers - No. 2 Battery, 1st Fife]
Stewart, John, medical practitioner, Lovaine villa. East NewportLocation
Stewart, Mrs A., 1 Myrtle terraceLocation
Stirling, Mrs W. S., Park house, West NewportLocation
Stiven, James (millfurnisher, Dundee), Rosemount, East NewportLocation
Stocks, Misses, 7 Kilnburn place. East NewportLocation
Storrier, John; Vice-President, [under Marytown Bowling Club]Location (2)
Stovin, Thomas, teacher, 'Mars'; h. The Terrace, West NewportLocation Location (2)
Strachan, Alexander, The Terrace, West NewportLocation
Strathearn, John (merchant, Dundee), Maryfield terrace, East NewportLocation
Sturrock, Jas. (cashier, Dundee Advertiser office), Hillpark terraceLocation
Sturrock, William, bootmaker. Union street; h. King st., E. NewportLocation (2)
Tait, Rev. John, M.A., 3 Woodbine terraceLocation
Tait, Robert, builder. Union street. East NewportLocation
Taylor, Alfred, Craighead villas. East NewportLocation
Taylor, Peter, farmer, Bottomcraig, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Taylor, Thomas, miller, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Thompson, Athole E. (produce broker, Dundee),Bellevue cot., W. NewportLocation
Thompson, Edwin W. (produce broker, Dundee), Bellevue cot., W. NewportLocation
Thompson, John, proprietor, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Thoms, Mrs George, Seacraig cottageLocation
Thomson, Alexander, oil importer, Garland villa, W. NewportLocation
Thomson, David C, shipowner, Floralbank, East NewportLocation
Thomson, Frederick, shipowner, Floralbank, East NewportLocation
Thomson, James (solicitor, Dundee), Dunearn, East NewportLocation
Thomson, James, elected member; [under Parochial Board And Local Authority Of Forgan]

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