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1894-95 dir      There are 978 records.

Brown, William K., Clinton cottage; Secretary, [under Newport Children's Home, Comerton, Fife]Location
Brown, William, elected member; [under Parochial Board And Local Authority Of Forgan]
Brown, William, jobbing gardener, 1 Union streetLocation
Brymer, Thomas, Kirkton house, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Buchan, Mrs James, Bellevue terrace, Queen street. East NewportLocation
Buik, Charles W. (shipbroker, Dundee), Braeknowe, West NewportLocation
Buist, William, contractor and joiner, WoodhavenLocation
Butchart, Catherine, Greenwood villa. Queen street. East NewportLocation
Cameron, John; Forgan School Teacher, [under School Board Of Forgan] Location (2)
Cameron, Mrs W., dressmaker, babylinen warehouse, and servants' registry ; agent, Dundee Dye Works ; PierheadLocation
Campbell, James, D.D; Balmerino Established Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship][not in Forgan parish]
Campbell, James; Rev. [under Balmerino School Board][not in Forgan parish]
Campbell, Mrs A., Fernlea, Cupar roadLocation
Campbell, Rev. James, D.D., Balmerino Manse, by Dundee[not in Forgan parish]
Cappon, James, shipowner, Cliffbank, Tayport roadLocation
Cappon, Thomas M., burgh surveyor, Burgh buildings, Blyth hall ; h. Cliffbank, Tayport roadLocationLocation (2)
Cappon, Thomas, Surveyor; [under Magistrates And Commissioners Of Newport]Location
Cargill, David, jobbing gardener, 1 King streetLocation
Cargill, George, Victoria cottage. King streetLocation
Carr, M. S., elected member; [under Parochial Board And Local Authority Of Forgan]
Carr, Michael S. (warehouseman, Dundee), Taycliff house, Tayport roadLocation
Carstairs, William, porter, James square, William streetLocation
Chalmers, William F. (merchant, Dundee), 9 St Phillan's placeLocation
Chapman, James (confectioner, Dundee), Yewbank, West NewportLocation
Chapman, James, jun. (confectioner, Dundee), Ashcliffe, West NewportLocation
Chapman, Robert (insurance secretary, Dundee), Carron cottage, Tayview terraceLocation
Chevalley, Captain Frank, R.A., adjutant, 1st Forfar V.A., Woodriffe terrace. East NewportLocation
Christie, Mrs, Thymbra Lodge, Tayport roadLocation
Clark, Andrew, butcher, 5 High street ; h. William streetLocationLocation (2)
Clark, George, M.A. (teacher, Dundee), Ythanbank, West NewportLocation
Clark, Miss, Craighead cottage, Tayport roadLocation
Clark, Miss, dressmaker, 6 Robert streetLocation
Clark, Mrs R., grocer, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Clarkson, Mary Louisa, Hillside, East NewportLocation
Comar, Mrs M. C, Tayview, East NewportLocation
Congleton, Thomas (Sheriff-clerk of Forfarshire, Dundee), Wellgate park, West NewportLocation
Connell, John M. (bootmaker, Dundee), 5 Tay terrace. East NewportLocation
Coutts, James (ironmonger, Dundee), Clifton, WormitLocation
Cowley, William (calenderer, Dundee), Riverside, WormitLocation
Cox, Mrs Robert S., Linden avenue. East NewportLocation
Coyle, Michael (wine merchant, Dundee), NewportLocation
Coyle, Patrick, hotelkeeper and horsehirer, Newport HotelLocation
Crabbe, John C. (auctioneer, Dundee), 3 Cliftonbank, Cupar roadLocation
Craig, Mrs Alexander, Rosebank house, West NewportLocation
Crarer, Mrs, Osborne place, King street. East NewportLocation
Crassweller, Ellen (teacher, Dundee), Cupar roadLocation
Crassweller, Rev. Harris, 1 Thornbank, Cupar roadLocation
Crockett, Alexander D., clerk, Maryfield cottage. East NewportLocation
Crooks, Robt. (ironmonger, Dundee), 4 Poplar pl. King st., E. NewportLocation
Cunningham, David (harbour engineer, Dundee), Marrbank, Cupar roadLocation

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