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1894-95 dir      There are 978 records.

Leitch, Andrew (shipowner, Dundee), Netherlea, West NewportLocation
Leitch, Andrew, elected member; [under Parochial Board And Local Authority Of Forgan]
Leitch, Andrew; 2nd Bailie, [under Magistrates And Commissioners Of Newport]
Leitch, R. T. (shipowner, Dundee), Hillcrest, West NewportLocation
Leitch, T. T; Committee [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club] Location (2)
Leitch, Thomas T. (clerk, Dundee), Netherlea, West NewportLocation
Leng, John A. (journalist, Dundee), Seymour, Tayport roadLocation
Leng, John A; Committee [under Newport Boating Club]Location
Leng, Miss; Committee [under Newport Children's Home, Comerton, Fife]
Leng, Sir John, M.P, Kinbrae; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Leng, Sir John, M.P. (managing proprietor of Dundee Advertiser), Kinbrae ; London address. House of CommonsLocation
Leng, Sir John, M.P. ; Hon. President, [under Newport Literary Society, Founded 1879]
Leng, Sir John, M.P; Commodore, [under Newport Boating Club]Location
Leng, Sir John, M.P; Patron [under Newport Choral Society]
Leng, Sir John, M.P; Vice-President, [under Newport Children's Home, Comerton, Fife]
Leng, William C. (newspaper proprietor, Dundee), Lydbrook, Cupar rdLocation
Leslie, Miss, Hermonhill, Hillside, Cupar roadLocation
Lindberg, Otto M. (shiprigger, Dundee), Fernbrae, West NewportLocation
Lindsay, Charles, stationmaster, Wormit station ; h. 3 Wormit cottagesLocation[VR has no 2]Location (2)
Lindsay, David, clerk, Norbay, Tayport road, East NewportLocation
Lindsay, John, gardener, Riverside, West NewportLocation
Low, Andrew, shipmaster, Hawthorne cottage, Queen streetLocation
Low, John C. (merchant, Dundee), Sunnybank cot., Hillside, E. NewportLocation
Low, Mrs J. C., 4 Myrtle terrace, East NewportLocation
Low, Mrs J. C; Committee [under Newport Children's Home, Comerton, Fife]
Low, Mrs John, Woodriffe terraceLocation
Low, Mrs, Waverley cottage, WormitLocation
Lowden, William, blacksmith, Kilnburn ; h. Cunningham buildingsLocationLocation (2)
Lowe, Mrs Helen, King street. East NewportLocation
Lowson, David, shipmaster. The Terrace, West NewportLocation[Val. Roll has Mrs Lowson consistently at Well Cottage]
Lowson, James, coachman, Cunningham BuildingsLocation
Lowson, Miss, Bellevue terrace. East NewportLocation
Lowson, Mrs James, 6 Alma terrace, West NewportLocation
Lowson, Mrs John L., 4 Kilnburn terrace. East NewportLocation
Lowson, Mrs, Well cottage. West NewportLocation
Luke, Jas. (sewing-machine manufr., Dundee), Elmbank, W. NewportLocation
Lumsden, Peter, innkeeper, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Lyden, Edward, gardener, Training Ship 'Mars'Location
M'Arthur, Peter, gardener, Kinbrae lodgeLocation
M'Caskil, John, postman. The Terrace, West NewportLocation
M'Connachie, Mrs, Viewfield cottage, William street. East NewportLocation
M'Donald, D. H., Thornbank, East Newport; Secretary and Treasurer, [under Newport Cycling Club]Location
M'Donald, George, gardener, 2 Union terraceLocation
M'Donald, H.; Sub-Captain, [under Newport Cycling Club]
M'Dougall, Alex., carpenter, 'Mars' Training ship ; h. Woodhaven cot.LocationLocation (2)
M'Ewan, D. M. (carver and gilder, Dundee), Bellevue, WormitLocation[could have been either house]Location (2)
M'Gillivray, Miss, Gowriebank, William streetLocation
M'Gregor, Donald, gardener, 1 Union terraceLocation[could be this house]
M'Intosh, Alexander, mason, Union streetLocation
M'Intosh, Mrs George, lodgings, Riverview, Tayport roadLocation

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