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1897-98 dir      There are 1026 records.

Brown, James, jun. (commission agent, Dundee), Inglewood, Cupar roadLocation
Brown, John, assistant bank agent, The Laurels, East NewportLocation
Brown, Miss, Trafford cottage, WormitLocation
Brown, Miss; Committee [under Newport Young Women's Christian Association]Location
Brown, Misses, Ivybank, West NewportLocation
Brown, Mrs H., Clinton cottage, Tayport roadLocation
Brown, Robert (bootmaker, Dundee), 3 Kilnburn place. East NewportLocation
Brown, Thomas, mason, Cunningham buildingsLocation
Brown, Thomas, School Board officer, 1 St Phillan's placeLocation
Brown, William, jobbing gardener, 1 Union streetLocation
Bruce, William (engineer, Dundee), Inverlee, WormitLocation
Brymer, Thomas, Kirkton house, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Buchan, Mrs James, Bellevue terrace, Queen street. East NewportLocation
Buik, Charles W. (ropemaker, Dundee), Braeknowe, West NewportLocation
Buist, William, contractor and joiner, WoodhavenLocation
Burn, Richard, joiner, 'Mars' ; h. BalmerinoLocation
Butchart, Catherine, Greenwood villa. Queen street, East NewportLocation
Cameron, John; Forgan Public School Teacher, [under School Board Of Forgan] Location (2)
Campbell, James, D.D; Balmerino Established Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship][not in Forgan parish]
Campbell, James; Rev. [under Balmerino School Board][not in Forgan parish]
Campbell, Mrs A., Fernlea, Cupar roadLocation
Campbell, Rev. James, D.D., Balmerino Manse, by Dundee[not in Forgan parish]
Cappon, James, shipowner, Cliffbank, Tayport roadLocation
Cappon, Thomas M., burgh surveyor, Burgh buildings, Blyth hall ; h. Cliffbank, Tayport roadLocationLocation (2)
Cappon, Thomas, Surveyor; [under Magistrates And Commissioners Of Newport]Location
Cargill, David, jobbing gardener, 1 King streetLocation
Cargill, George, King streetLocation
Carmichael, Hugh; Wormit U.P. Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship]Location
Carmichael, Rev. Hugh, Wormit U.P. Church; h. Ravenscraig villa, WormitLocation[? could be this house]Location (2)
Carstairs, William, porter, James square, William streetLocation
Carswell, William D. (wholesale grocer, Dundee), Ascot, West NewportLocation
Chalmers, Robert, millmanager, Rotherwood, West NewportLocation
Chalmers, William F. (merchant, Dundee), 4 Kilburn terraceLocation
Chapman, James (confectioner, Dundee), Yewbank, West NewportLocation
Chapman, James jun; Committee, [under Newport Bowling Club] Location (2)
Chapman, James, jun. (confectioner, Dundee), Wormit houseLocation
Chevalley, Captain Frank, R.A., adjutant, 1st Forfar V.A., Norbay, Tayport roadLocation
Christie, Mrs, Blair lodge, Linden avenue [Norwood]Location
Clark, George, M.A., Ythanbank, West NewportLocation
Clark, Mrs R., grocer, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Clarkson, Mary Louisa, St Phillan's place, East NewportLocation
Clydesdale Bank, Limited, High street ; Frederick Tod, agentLocation
Collins, Thomas, assistant teacher, 'Mars' Training ShipLocation
Comar, Mrs M. C, Tayview, East NewportLocation
Congleton, Thomas (Sheriff-clerk of Forfarshire, Dundee), Wellgate park, West NewportLocation
Connell, John M. (bootmaker, Dundee), Hill terrace, WormitLocation
Coutts, James (ironmonger, Dundee), Clifton, WormitLocation
Coutts, James; Landward Committee [under Newport Burgh Parish Council]
Cowley, William (calenderer, Dundee), Riverside, WormitLocation
Cox, Mrs Robert S., The Willows, Linden avenue, East NewportLocation

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