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1897-98 dir      There are 1026 records.

Duncan, Alexander, Brackenbrae, East NewportLocation
Duncan, Brown, market gardener, King streetLocation
Duncan, Charles (draper, Dundee), 3 Myrtle terraceLocation
Duncan, George, & Co., merchants, WormitLocation
Duncan, George, of George Duncan & Co., The Tower, WormitLocation
Duncan, George, salmonfisher, Norham, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Duncan, James, station agent. East Newport stationLocation
Duncan, Jas., jun., coal & lime mer., E. Station ; h. Meldrum sq., Robert st.LocationLocation (2)
Duncan, John (stationer, Dundee), 21 Kilnburn place. East NewportLocation
Duncan, John; Committee, [under Newport Bowling Club] Location (2)
Duncan, Mrs Anstruther, of Naughton; [under Balmerino School Board][not in Forgan parish]
Duncan, Mrs Anstruther; [under Balmerino Parish Council][not in Forgan parish]
Dundas, Mrs G., postmistress, Post Office, WormitLocation
Dundas, Mrs G., postmistress; [under Post Office - Wormit.]Location
Dunn, David, shepherd, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Dunse, James, Burgh Officer; [under Magistrates And Commissioners Of Newport]Location
Dunse, James, hallkeeper, Blyth hallLocation
Dunse, James; Hallkeeper, [under Blyth Halls]Location
Durham, James (wholesale stationer, Dundee), Wingate place, E. NewportLocation
Durham, James; Chairman, [under Blyth Halls]
Durham, James; Trustee [under Blyth Halls]
Eadie, James L. (cycle agent, Dundee), Beechwood, West NewportLocation
Eadie, Robert, labourer, Gaswork laneLocation
Easson, David (draper, Dundee), Violetbank, WormitLocation
Easson, John M, (silk mercer, Dundee), Coronella, West NewportLocation
Easson, Thomas (cork manufactr., Dundee), Fairview cottage, MaryfieldLocation
Eber, Albert (merchant, Dundee), Roselle, West NewportLocation
Edington, Miss, refreshments, 5 Robert streetLocationLocation (2)
Fairweather, Charles L., commercial traveller, 14 High streetLocation
Fairweather, G. Ireland (solicitor, Dundee), Ravenscraig villas, WormitLocation
Fairweather, George I.; Secretary and Treasurer, [under Wormit And District Liberal Association]
Fairweather, James, shipmaster, 4 Prospect terrace. East NewportLocation
Fairweather, Mrs Alexander, Wellpark terrace, West NewportLocation
Fairweather, W. G., 31 Castle street, Dundee; Secretary, [under Newport Bowling Club] Location (2)
Fairweather, William G. (printer, Dundee), High streetLocation
Falls, William, gardener, Balmerino Manse ; h. Waterloo, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Farmer, Alexander, builder, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Farmer, Andrew, builder, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Farmer, James (joiner, Dundee), Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Farmer, James; [under Balmerino Parish Council][not in Forgan parish]
Farquharson, George G. (plumber, Dundee), Clydesdale cot., King streetLocation
Farquharson, Mrs D. G., Rosebank house, West NewportLocation
Fay, Mrs Mary Ann, confectioner, WormitLocation
Fearn, Thomas, blacksmith, Forgan smithyLocation
Fenton, Bella, dressmaker, milliner, and servants' registry, Pierhead, h. Fisher's cottage. West NewportLocationLocation (2)
Fenton, W. S.(engineer, postal telegraph, Dundee), Burnside, W. NewportLocation
Fenton, Wm., painter & paper hanger , Pierhead ; h. Fisher's cot., W. NewportLocationLocation (2)
Fenwick, James, St Michael's Inn, Leuchars, Fife[not in Forgan parish]
Fenwick, Mrs Peter, wine & spirit mer., St Michael's Inn, Leuchars, Fife[not in Forgan parish]
Ferguson, David (secretary, Dundee), Linden avenue, East NewportLocation

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