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Luke, Jas. (sewing-machine manuf., Dundee), 3 Wellpark ter., W. NewportLocation
M'Adie, David, traveller, Ashbank cottage. East NewportLocation
M'Arthur, John (billposting contractor, Dundee), Gilliesfaulds, Cupar-Fife[not in Forgan parish]
M'Arthur, Peter, gardener, Kinbrae lodgeLocation
M'Caskil, John, postman. The Terrace, West NewportLocation
M'Donald, George, gardener, 2 Union terraceLocation
M'Donald, H. W., S.C.U. Delegate, [under Newport Cycling Club]
M'Donald, Hugh, Eifer lodge, Tayport roadLocation
M'Dougall, Alexander, carpenter, 'Mars'; h. Yewtree cottageLocation Location (2)
M'Farlane, Alex. (sub-editor, Dundee Advertiser), Bloomfield, E. NewportLocation
M'Glashan, David, fish & poultry dealer, Pierhead; h. Annfield rd., DundeeLocation
M'Gregor, Donald; Superintendent, [under Forgan Cemetery, Office - Blyth Hall Buildings.]
M'Gregor, Mrs Peter, 3 James square, William street
M'Gregor, Robert, watchmaker, Millbank, Hillside, East NewportLocation
M'Intosh, Alexander, mason, William streetLocation
M'Intosh, Mrs George, lodgings. Poplar place, Tayport road
M'Intosh, Mrs, Poplar place, Tayport road
M'Intosh, Thomas (ropespinner, Dundee), Taycliffe, WormitLocation
M'Kay, Misses, Arauco villa, WormitLocation
M'Kechnie, Mrs, Temperance Hotel, PierheadLocation
M'Kellar, David, painter, Gaswork lane ; h. Victoria cot., King streetLocation (2)
M'Kenzie, David (cashier, Dundee), Balnacraig, WormitLocation
M'Kenzie, David; President, [under Wormit Literary Society]
M'Kenzie, F. J. (housefactor, Dundee), Beverley house, 5 Woodbine ter.Location
M'Kenzie, Lewis, retired coachbuilder, Beverley house, 5 Woodbine ter.Location
M'Kenzie, R. G.; Committee [under Newport Unionist Club. Clubrooms, St Phillan's Place, East Newport.]Location
M'Lagan, Misses, 14 Kilnburn place. East NewportLocation
M'Laggan, John (commis. merchant, Dundee), Craignish, West NewportLocation
M'Laggan, John; Captain, [under Newport Rugby Football Club]
M'Laggan, William (cashier, Dundee), Norbay, East NewportLocation
M'Laren, J.; Sub-Captain, [under Newport Cycling Club]
M'Laren, Miss, Crossmount, WormitLocation
M'Laren, William, forester, Tay field cottagesLocation
M'Leod, Roderick, police constable. King street. East NewportLocation
M'Master, Daniel (manufacturer, Dundee), Hollybank, West NewportLocation
M'Millan, Francis J., piermaster. Poplar house. East NewportLocation Location (2)
M'Nab, Mrs A., 7 Tay terrace, East NewportLocation
M'Nab, Robert, commercial traveller, King street
M'Walter, James M., (solicitor, Dundee), Waterston cot., West NewportLocation
M'Walter, Mrs, Waterston cottage, West NewportLocation
Macdonald, George; Committee [under Newport Unionist Club. Clubrooms, St Phillan's Place, East Newport.]Location
Macdonald, Henry, joiner, Hillside, East NewportLocation
Macdonald, Mrs James Y., 3 Thornbank, Cupar roadLocation
Macdougald, George D., F. Inst. Chem. (public analyst, Dundee), Dunolly, WormitLocation
Macgregor, Mrs Robert C., Alpine cottage, West NewportLocation
Macintyre, L. H., The Briars, West NewportLocation
Mackay, Alexander (ironfounder, Dundee), Ashcliffe, West NewportLocation
Mackay, Angus, ground officer, Naughton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Mackay, Angus, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Mackay, D.; Committee [under Newport Rugby Football Club]

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