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1911-12 dir      There are 1251 records.

Johnston, Mrs David, Bottomcraig, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Johnston, Mrs, Hillside, Cupar roadLocation
Johnston, William, labourer, Bottomcraig, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Johnstone, J. J, Craighead; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Johnstone, J. J. (solicitor, Dundee), Craighead, Tayport roadLocation
Johnstone, Miss, Thymbra lodge, Tayport roadLocation
Jolly, James; Assistant Hon. Treasurer, [under Newport Liberal Club]
Jolly, James; Finance Committee [under Newport Liberal Club]
Jolly, John, coachman, Osborne placeLocation
Jones, Mrs John, Tighnreich, WormitLocation
Jones, R. D. (carpet manufacturer, Dundee), Tighnreich, WormitLocation
Just, Miss, Gowanbank, West NewportLocation
Just, Robert, Rose cottage, West NewportLocation
Kay, Alexander (manager, Dundee), Greystane, WormitLocation
Kay, Alexander, farmer, FlassLocation
Kay, D. M.; Committee [under Newport Boating Club]Location
Kay, David, (Newport); Lieutenant [under Boys' Brigade 1st Tayside Company. Meets Every Friday During Winter In Mission Hall At 8 P.M.]Location
Kay, James (cashier, Dundee), Rosebank house, West NewportLocation
Kay, James M., Devonbank, East NewportLocation
Kay, John, jun., family grocer, James square ; h. Woodside, E. NewportLocation
Kay, Mrs Alexander, 2 Tay terraceLocation
Kay, Mrs; Vice-President [under Newport Young Women's Christian Association]
Keal, Henry, roadman, Wormit bayLocation
Keay, A. G., tea rooms, PierheadLocation
Keay, David, Hawthorn cottage, Queen street, East NewportLocation
Keay, John (produce merchant, Dundee), Robert street, East NewportLocation
Keay, Mrs, 9 Robert streetLocation
Keddie, Mrs Robert, Westfield terrace, West NewportLocation
Keddie, W. B., Woodlea, West Newport; Hon. Secretary, [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club]LocationLocation (2)
Keenan, Thomas, clerk, Rosehill, West NewportLocation
Keith, Mrs Robert, Old GranaryLocation
Kelman, Mrs J., Rosebank villa, West NewportLocation
Kelt, Mrs W. S.; Committee [under East Of Fife Women's Unionist Association, Newport Branch.]
Kelt, William S. (watchmaker, Dundee), Balgillo cottage, WormitLocation
Kemp, F. G., Blyth Hall buildings; Clerk and Inspector, [under Newport Burgh Parish Council]
Kemp, F. G.; Clerk, [under Forgan Cemetery, Office, Blyth Hall Buildings.]
Kemp, Fred. G., inspector of poor, town chamberlain, and registrar of births, &c., Blyth Hall buildings, Scott street, East Newport ; h. Grandtully cottage, Wellpark terrace, West NewportLocationLocation (2)
Kemp, Fred. G., Registrar; Office, Blyth Hall buildings [under Registration Of Births, Deaths, And Marriages]
Kemp, Frederick G.; Town Chamberlain, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport]Location
Kerr, Henry (B. L. Bank, Dundee), Oakdene, West NewportLocation
Kerr, James, labourer, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Kidd, Mrs Jonas, Castle cottage, West NewportLocation
Kidney, Mrs William, Hill crescent, WormitLocation
King, Alexander, grocer, Ravenscraig villas, WormitLocation
King, William, gardener, Westwood lodgeLocation
Kinlay, John, (Chairman); Fourth or Landward Ward [under Newport Burgh Parish Council]
Kinlay, John, Newton smithy, WormitLocation
Kinnes, R.; Committee [under Wormit Bowling Club] Location (2)
Kinnes, Robert (ship agent, Dundee), Kincraig, WormitLocation
Kirk & Coutts, ironmongers and tinsmiths, 4 and 5 Robertson place, Cupar road ; workshop, GranaryLocationLocation (2)

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