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1913-14 dir      There are 1265 records.

Berry, Mrs; Patroness, [under Newport Curling Club] Location (2)
Berry, William, of Tayfield, Tayfield houseLocation
Berry, William, of Tayfield; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Berry, William; Commodore, [under Newport Boating Club]
Berry, William; Hon. President, [under Newport Quoiting Club] Location (2)
Berry, William; Patron, [under Newport Choral Society]
Berry, William; Patron, [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club] Location (2)
Berry, William; President, [under Newport Unionist Club, Clubroom - St Phillan's Place, East Newport.]Location
Betsworth & Barlow, plumbers and gasfitters, High streetLocation
Betsworth, Fred, postman, James square, William streetLocation
Betsworth, Harry, of Betsworth & Barlow, 3 James squareLocationLocation (2)
Birrel, Alexander, The Terrace, West NewportLocation
Birrell, James (bootmaker, Dundee), Kintyrie, WormitLocation
Birrell, William (bootmaker, Dundee), Cragside, WormitLocation
Bisset, J; Committee [under Wormit Bowling Club] Location (2)
Bisset, John (jute broker, Dundee), Westerton, WormitLocation
Bisset, Peter, joiner, Riverside, West NewportLocation
Bisset, Robert, The Castle, West NewportLocation
Black, John F.; Gas Manager, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport]Location
Black, John, manager, Gas Works ; h. Tayport road, East NewportLocationLocation (2)
Blackwood, M. (surveyor, Dundee), Broomknowe, WormitLocation
Blair, David, farmer, Littleinch, Wormit[not in Forgan parish]
Blyth, David, grocer, Ashbank, WormitLocation
Blyth, Peter, grieve, Naughton home farm, by Dundee[not in Forgan parish]
Boase, Miss, Tighnavon, West NewportLocation
Boath, William, clerk, Osborne place, East NewportLocation
Bond, Charles, chauffeur, Union street, East NewportLocation
Booth, Mrs Captain, 3 Woodriffe terrace, East NewportLocation
Borland, William P., M.A. (teacher, Dundee), Bellevue, East NewportLocation
Bowden, William, wine and spirit merchant, Royal Hotel, Tay street ; h. Rustic place, DundeeLocation
Bowman, Wm., assist. manual instr., 'Mars' ; h. Robert st., E. Newport [?]Location (2)
Brand, Mrs David, Bay house, Tayport roadLocation
Bremner, John, cashier, Esley, West NewportLocation
Brown, A. D.; Committee [under Newport Bowling Club] Location (2)
Brown, A. D; Executive Committee [under Forgan Liberal Association]
Brown, A. E. (manuf., Dundee), Viewpark, Albert eras., East NewportLocation
Brown, A. E; Committee [under Newport Choral Society]
Brown, A. E; Executive Committee [under Forgan Liberal Association]
Brown, Alex. D., railway represent., Vacuum Oil Co., 3 Kilnburn ter.Location
Brown, Alexander, Woodside, Queen street, East NewportLocation
Brown, Andrew L., commercial traveller, Edenbank, WormitLocation
Brown, David, gardener, Gowriebank, East NewportLocation
Brown, George (merchant, Dundee), Tay cottage, Tayport roadLocation
Brown, James W.; Executive Committee [under Forgan Liberal Association]
Brown, James, church-officer, Tayfield cottagesLocation
Brown, Miss, 11 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocation
Brown, Miss, Ivybank, West NewportLocation
Brown, Misses, Tayview terrace, East NewportLocation
Brown, Mrs H., Clinton cottage, Tayport roadLocation
Brown, Thomas, (Convener); Committee, [under Newport Quoiting Club] Location (2)

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