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Reoch, Miss; Vice-President [under East Of Fife Women's Unionist Association - Newport Branch]
Richmond, J. M., M.A; Wormit United Free Church - Rev. [under Places Of Worship]Location
Richmond, Rev. J. M., M.A., Wormit U.F. Church ; h. Kinbank, WormitLocation Location (2)
Ritchie, Arthur G. (merchant, Dundee), Carron villa, WormitLocation
Ritchie, Duncan, Prosen cottages, West NewportLocation
Ritchie, G. R.; President, [under Newport Curling Club]Location (2)
Ritchie, George B. (manufacturer, Dundee), Wellgate park, W. NewportLocation
Robb, Bailie; [under Newport Dean Of Guild Court]
Robb, J. Barry, M.A., B.Sc. (rector, Dundee), Whinhurst, WormitLocation
Robb, James Barry; Second Bailie, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport]
Robb, Mrs William, Balvarron, WormitLocation
Robbie, H. P. (manager, Dundee), Viewmount, WormitLocation
Robbie, John (School Board officer, Dundee), The Castle, Woodhaven road, West NewportLocation
Robertson, A. J., house proprietor, 3 Robert street
Robertson, D. H.; Second Ward - [under Newport Burgh Parish Council]
Robertson, David H., 17 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocation
Robertson, George (grocer, Dundee), Briarwood, WormitLocation
Robertson, Harry W. (cashier, Dundee), Victoria street, East NewportLocation
Robertson, J. P Vice-President; [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club]Location (2)
Robertson, James (clothier, Dundee), Hollybank, West NewportLocation
Robertson, James, Woodbank house, West NewportLocation
Robertson, Jas., signalman, Figtree ter., Woodhaven rd., W. NewportLocation
Robertson, John P. (engineer, Dundee), Eastbrook, East NewportLocation
Robertson, John P., Eastbrook ; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Robertson, John P; [under Blyth Hall Trustees]
Robertson, John, beehive maker, Wormit ; h. The Thorns, WormitLocation Location (2)
Robertson, Miss, William street, East NewportLocation
Robertson, Miss; Work Meeting Superintendent [under Newport Young Women's Christian Association]
Robertson, Mrs Alexander, Elmhurst, Westfield terrace, W. NewportLocation
Robertson, Mrs I. B., Fernlea, WormitLocation
Robertson, Mrs James D., Edenbank, WormitLocation
Robertson, Mrs William, Balmore, West NewportLocation
Robertson, Robert (produce broker, Dundee), Largo villa, Woodmuir park, West NewportLocation
Robertson, Robert, The Terrace, Woodhaven road, West NewportLocation
Robertson, Robert, West Newport ; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]
Robertson, T. W. (assurance secy., Dundee), Sidlaw, Bay rd., WormitLocation
Robertson, Thomas, shipmaster, Prosen, West NewportLocation
Robertson, William (produce broker, Dundee), Struanbank, WormitLocation
Robertson, William, Struanbank, Wormit; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Robinson, Vernon (manager, Dundee), Laurel cottage, West NewportLocation
Roche, John; Newport R.C. Church - Rev. [under Places Of Worship]Location
Roche, Rev. John, St Fillan's R.C. Church ; h. Presbytery, King st.Location Location (2)
Rodger, James, jobbing gardener, Gaswork lane, East Newport
Rodger, Mrs George, Elms, West NewportLocation
Roger, Thos., & Son, tea warehousemen, 16 High st. ; h. Snowdon, Tay ter.Location Location (2)
Rogers, Miss, Walnut cottage, West NewportLocation
Rollo, Captain George, Woodbine terrace, East NewportLocation
Rollo, George; Councillor [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport]
Rollo, George; Lighting, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport]
Rollo, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]

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