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1955-56 dir      There are 1020 records.

Moncur, James, painter and decorator, Wormit; h. Dunolly, Newburgh road, WormitLocationLocation (2)
Moncur, James, Wormit : Painters And Decorators.Location
Moodie & Gordon, 4 High street : Cycle Agents.Location
Moodie & Gordon, 4 High street : Electrical Engineers.Location
Moodie & Gordon, 4 High street, East Newport : Radio Engineers.Location
Moodie & Gordon, cycle agents and radio engineers, 4 High streetLocation
Moodie, Mrs A. P., Drumalis, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Morgan, Mrs Catherine M., Orwell, Tay streetLocation
Morris, David, fish merchant, Pierhead, East NewportLocation
Morrison, Frank H., 1 Norwood, East Newport, Tel. No. 3131Location
Morrison, Frank H., 1 Norwood, Newport; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Morrison, George T., 2 High street : Butchers.Location
Morrison, George T., butcher, 2 High street, Tel. No. N. 3166; h. 4 St Phillan's place, East NewportLocationLocation (2)
Morrison, James D. (bank manager, Dundee), Dalmore, 1 Hillpark terrace, WormitLocation
Morrison, Mrs A. M., Lowood, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Morrison, Thomas J., Ph.D., B.Sc., F.R.I.C. (lecturer, Dundee), Alpine villa, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Morrison-Dunne, Mrs, Redhu, Balmore, Newburgh road, West NewportLocation
Morton, J. D., burgh surveyor and sanitary inspector, Municipal buildings, Scott street ; h. 29 Craighead road, East NewportLocationLocation (2)
Morton, J. D.; Burgh Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]Location
Morton, L. & M., general stores, Scroggieside, Newburgh road; h. Tay Brae, Boat road, NewportLocationLocation (2)
Morton, L. & M., Scroggieside, Newburgh road : Grocers.Location
Morton, R. D., Darvel lodge, Cupar road, East NewportLocation
Motion, Misses A. and R., King street, East NewportLocation
Muir, Hugh, M.A., L.C.P., F.E.I.S., headmaster, Junior Secondary School ; Bellevue terraceLocation
Muir, James T. (merchant, Dundee), Clinton, Tay streetLocation
Muir, John A. M., banker, Waverley cottage. Scotswood crescent, WormitLocation
Muir, Thos., Son & Patton, Ltd., coal merchants, 21 High street. Tel. No. N. 2297Location
Muir, Thos., Son, & Patton, Ltd., 21 High street : Coal Merchants.Location
Muirhead, Mrs J., 8 Alma terrace, West NewportLocation
Mungo, John M., Mount Vernon, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Munro, Mrs A., Hazel cottage, Newburgh road, West NewportLocation
Munro, Mrs Margaret, The Firs, Kirk road, West NewportLocation
Murphy, Norman G., engineer surveyor, Craighead, Tay streetLocation
Murray, Herbert, 16 Queen streetLocation
Murray, James J. (sheet-metal worker, Dundee), 17 Tay terrace, East NewportLocation
Mutch, Archibald, solicitor, 1 Kilnburn, East NewportLocation[could be upstairs or downatairs]
Myles, John, 12 High street : Bakers.Location
Myles, John, baker, 12 High street, East Newport; h. 5 St Phillan's place. East NewportLocationLocation (2)
Myles, Thomas, engineer, Well cottage, Newburgh road. West NewportLocation
Napier, Douglas (solicitor, Dundee), The Terrace, West NewportLocation
Nash, K. H., civil servant, Ashcliffe, Newburgh road, W. NewportLocation
Netherlea Maternity Hospital, Newburgh road, West NewportLocation
Newell, A. C.; Bailie [under Newport Dean Of Guild Court]
Newell, A. C.; Blyth Hall, Bailie [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Newell, A. C.; First Bailie [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Newport Hotel, High street, East Newport ; Mrs W. Bett, proprx. : Hotels.Location
Newport Hotel, High street, East Newport; Mrs W. Bett, proprx.Location
Nicol, Henry, traveller, 24 Woodhaven avenue, WormitLocation
Nicol, Peter, 14 Mars gardens, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Nicol, S. P., branch manager, Dundee Savings Bank, Newport; h. Dunalastair, Newburgh road, West Newport Location (2)

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