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Bennet, W. A., 3 Alma TerraceLocation
Berry, Dr John, TayfieldLocation
Betsworth & Barlow, 11 High Street : Plumbers And TinsmithsLocation
Betsworth & Barlow, sanitary and heating engineers, 11 High StreetLocation
Betsworth, Edward C., 1 Union StreetLocation
Betsworth, Mrs Jane, 10 Albert CrescentLocation
Biggar, Robert, teacher, 15 Youngsdale PlaceLocation
Binnie, Mrs J. S., 19 Linden AvenueLocation
Bissett, Mrs, janitor, Wormit Public School; h. 15 Woodhaven AvenueLocation Location (2)
Black, James H., 1 Struan PlaceLocation
Black, Miss, 66 Tay StreetLocation
Black, Misses J. M. & M. E., 3 Woodmuir CrescentLocation
Black, Robert, blacksmith, 27 Woodhaven Avenue, WormitLocation
Blackstock, Mrs M., 17 Riverside Road, WormitLocation
Blackwood, Thomas G., Seaview Cottage, Beach Road, WormitLocation
Blair, David, 12 Shepherd's RoadLocation
Blair, David, farmer, InverdovatLocation
Blair, J., teacher, 26 Tay StreetLocation
Blair, Joseph G., customs and excise surveyor, 99 Tay StreetLocation
Blampied, H., 27 Riverside Road, WormitLocation
Blatchford, R. J., manager, 14 Beechwood Terrace WestLocation
Blicharski, John, The Leather Shop, 6 Boat Brae; h. 4 Victoria StreetLocation
Blues, Robert T., 29 Woodmuir TerraceLocation
Boardman, Arthur, printer, 25 Kinbrae ParkLocation
Boath, Ian C., maintenance electrician, 36 West Road
Boath, Mrs Mary, 4 Tay StreetLocation
Bochel, J. M., lecturer, 106 Tay StreetLocation
Bogie, A., M.A., Forgan; Forgan Parish Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship]Location Location (2)
Bogie, Rev. A. P., Forgan Church; h. The Manse, ForganLocation Location (2)
Bonthrone, J. M., teacher, 14 Tayview TerraceLocation
Bowes, John, civil servant, 11 Kirk RoadLocation
Bowie, Lyall, 1 Craigshannoch Road, Wormit : Solicitors
Bowie, Lyall, solicitor, 1 Craigshannoch Road, Wormit
Bowie, Lyall; Depute Town Clerk, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]Location
Bowman, Charles, 5 Union StreetLocation
Bowring, Arthur B., compositor, 44 Queen Street
Boyle, Mrs Susan, M.A., teacher, 5 Braeside RoadLocation
Braid, J., 39 Queen StreetLocation
Braid, James, electrical engineer, 24 East Queen StreetLocation
Brand, Colin M., yacht broker, 9 KilnburnLocation
Brig O'Tay Restaurant, Boat Road : RestaurateursLocation
Brig O'Tay Restaurant, Boat Road; F. McGrory, proprietorLocation
Brighton, Alfred, telephone engineer, 5 NorwoodLocation
Brodie, D., 24 Albert CrescentLocation
Brough, Andrew S., design engineer, 16 Crosshill TerraceLocation
Brown, A. J. G., secretary, 6 Beechwood Terrace EastLocation
Brown, Alan J. G., administrator, 6 Beechwood TerraceLocation
Brown, Carl, 15 Linden AvenueLocation
Brown, David, enginedriver, 10 Craighead RoadLocation
Brown, Dr L. T., lecturer, 12 Hillpark Road

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