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1974 dir      There are 965 records.

Johnstone, A. L., insurance manager, 15 Flass Road, Wormit
Johnstone, D. B. journalist, Eastfield House, Tayport Road
Johnstone, Miss E. D., Erichtbank, Tayport Road[not in Forgan parish]
Jones, Mrs M. B., 10 Linden Avenue
Jones, Stanley J., lecturer, 41 Kirk Road
Jones, William C. D., 9 Mount Stewart Road, Wormit
Kay, Alexander, 4 North Terrace, Scroggieside, Wormit
Kay, David M., 10 Kerr Street
Kay, M. W., 5 Struan Place
Kay, Yvonne, 20 Albert Crescent
Keegan, H. V., 5 Pitmossie Place, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Keith, M., 21 Bay Road, Wormit
Kelly, J., journalist, 14 Victoria Street
Kelman, Mrs J., Whinfell, Hillpark Road, Wormit
Kelman, Mrs Nellie, 21 Woodhaven Avenue, Wormit
Kennedy, J. M. B., 80 Bay Road, Wormit
Kerr, David M., 3 Cupar Road : Chemists
Kerr, David M., chemist, 3 Cupar Road, Tel. N. 3179; h. 11 Kilnburn
Kerr, Mrs J. P., 24 Linden Avenue
Kidd, Bruce, 14 Norwood
Kidd, J. W., 10 Gowrie Street
Kidd, Mrs W., 51 Bay Road, Wormit
Kilgour, D. M., 12 High Street
Killean, Robert I., sheriff-officer, 24 St. Fort Road, Wormit
King, John, 12 Prospect Terrace
King, Mrs E. B., 2 James Street
Kinnear, T. M., 103 Tay Street
Kinniburgh, E. lecturer, 83 Bay Road, Wormit
Kirk, Miss, 37 Riverside Road, Wormit
Kirkaldy, D., 23 Seacraig Court
Kirkcaldy, James F., civil servant. 35 Riverside Road Wormit
Kitson, Mrs M. 18 Naughton Road, Wormit
Knight, David H, director, 78 Tay Street
Knox, James M., 49 Kilnburn
Knox, P., 15 Albert Crescent
Kojawski, Marian S., lecturer, 9 West Road
Kyle, R., painter, 3 Union Street
L.A.P. Engineering (Dundee) Ltd., 31 King Street
L.A.P. Engineering (Dundee) Ltd., 31 King Street : Engineers
Lacome, Myer. 72 Tay Street
Laing, William, engineer, 4 Elizabeth Crescent
Lamont, R. T., director, 10 Mount Stewart Road, Wormit
Lappin, Thomas M., 4 Hillside Place
Latto, Herbert M., 4 Union Street : Joiners And Funeral Directors
Latto, Herbert M., joiner and funeral director, 4 Union Street, Tel. N. 3212; h. 5 King Street
Latto, Marshall, engineer, 28 King Street
Latto, Michael A., 35 Gowrie Street
Latto, Raymond, clerk, 6 Craighead Road
Law, Thomas M. 8 James Street
Lawrie, Wallace O., A.R.I.C.S., 2 Bay Road, Wormit

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