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1974 dir      There are 965 records.

Maclean, Alex. L. M.,. B.D., St. Fillan's Manse, 8 Gowrie Street; St. Fillan's Church: Rev. [under Places Of Worship]
Maclean, Rev. Alex. L. M., B.D., St. Fillan's Church; h. St. Fillan's Manse, 8 Gowrie Street
Maclean, William L., C.A., 8 Norwood
MacLeod, Dr H. D., medical practitioner, 10a Cupar Road; h. Lovaine, Cupar Road
MacLeod, M., 5 Seacraig Court
MacLeod, Mrs M. N.; Finance Committee, Treasurer [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
MacLeod, Mrs M. N.; Treasurer, Councillor [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Maclure, Mrs H. P., 4, Queen Street
Maclver, D., 2 West Road
Maclver, L. lecturer, 28 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
Macpherson, John, market gardener, 107 Tay Street
Macpherson, Mrs Susan, 34 Birkhill Avenue, Wormit
MacQuoid, Miss Margaret, 12 Beechwood Terrace West
Mair, James, public relations officer, 10 Woodbine Terrace
Malcolm, A., 70 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
Malcolm, Miss R., 11 Victoria Street
Marshall, Arthur, 5 Naughton Road, Wormit : Butchers
Marshall, Arthur, butcher, 5 Naughton Road, Wormit; h. 14 Craighead Road
Marshall, James, 16 Craighead Road
Marshall, James, 26 Seacraig Court
Martin, G. & M., licensed grocers, Wormit Hall, Wormit
Martin, G. & M., Wormit Hall, Wormit : Grocers (Licensed)
Martin, Geoffrey, cabinetmaker, 23 Cupar Road
Martin, George B. electrician, 14 Elizabeth Crescent
Martin, James, engineer, 12 Naughton Road, Wormit
Mason, Mrs M., 28 West Road
Massie, Mrs W. M.; Streets & Buildings, Councillor [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Masterson, M., lecturer, 14 Hillpark Road, Wormit
Matthews, Mrs Isobel, 3 Station Brae
McArthur, A. S. merchant, 58 Bay Road, Wormit
McArthur, Mrs J. E., grocer, 2 Riverside Road, Wormit
McArthur, Mrs, J. E., 2 Riverside Road, Wormit : Grocers
McBurney, Roy, marine engineer, 1 Riverside Lane
McCabe, E. D., 19 Woodmuir Terrace
McCall, A., 52 Tay Street
McCaw, I. R. 19 Craigshannoch Road, Wormit
McConnell, Gavin, architect, 10 Norwood
McDonald, Ewen, 78 Riverside Road, Wormit
McDonald, G. C., technician, Gorval, Tayport Road
McDonald, I., representative, 60 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
McDonald, R., 24 Queen Street
McFarland, Ian R., L.D.S., St. And., 4 Hillpark Terrace, Wormit : Dental Surgeons
McFarland, Ian R., L.D.S., St. Andrews, dental surgeon 4 Hillpark Terrace
McFarlane, H. G., 59 Cupar Road
McFarlane, Miss C., 2 Forgan Street
McGill Bros. (Fife), Ltd., 38 High Street : Drapers
McGill Brothers (Fife) Ltd., drapers, 38 High Street
McGill, Dr N. C., physicist, 9 Prospect Terrace
McGonigle, A., police constable, 46 St. Fort Road
McGonigle, A.; [under Newport-On-Tay Police Office - 42 St Fort Road, Wormit ]

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