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1974 dir      There are 965 records.

Wallace, Norman, master mariner, 84 Tay Street
Wallace, Thomas L., draughtsman, 33 Cupar Road
Wannan, Gordon, joiner, 16 Woodhaven Avenue, Wormit
Wannan, Mrs E., 20 Woodhaven Avenue, Wormit
Warsop, Dr P. A. 2 Hillside Place
Watson, James, 11 Kerr Street
Watson, Rev. I. G., 19 Kilnburn
Watt, D., 19 Bridieswell Gardens, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Watt, Francis, 2 Wellgate Street
Watt, James E., bank manager, 1 Norwood
Webb, W. 74 Riverside Road, Wormit
Webster, Provost Dr Randolph, lecturer, 7 Woodmuir Crescent
Webster, Provost; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport-On-Tay]
Webster, R; Provost [under Newport-On-Tay Dean Of Guild Court]
Webster, R; Provost, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Webster, Thomas, commercial artist, 34 Cupar Road
Whalley, Leonard M., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., L.T.C.L., 4 Kilburn : Musicians, Organists And Teachers Of Music
Whalley, Leonard M., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., L.T.C.L., teacher of music, 4 Kilnburn
White, D. W., 8 Kerr Street
White, Miss I. M., 11 Wellgate Street
Whiteford, Mrs E. S., 25 Riverside Road, Wormit
Whitehead, L., 104 Tay Street
Whitelaw, Millar, 3 Kilgask Street
Whitfield, K., director, 65 Bay Road, Wormit
Whitfield, Mrs Annie, 3 Braeside Road
Whittingham, R. B.D.S., dental surgeon, 99 Tay Street
Wighton, J., 13 Craighead Road
Wilkie, D., autosetter, 82 Riverside Road, Wormit
Wilkie, George M., 5 Riverside Road, Wormit
Wilkie, Hugh McD., science master, 7 Kerr Street
Wilkie, James, inspector 19 Seacraig Court
Williams, G. 10 Hillpark Road, Wormit
Williamson, D., P.O. engineer, 11 West Road
Willison, J. M. busdriver, 21 Riverside Gardens, Wormit
Willocks, Mrs B., 8 Hillside Place
Willocks, William, 42 Robert Street : Joiners And Funeral Directors
Willocks, William, joiner, painter, funeral director and carpet beating works, Robert Street, Tel. N.2294, W. R. Grieve, manager
Willocks, William, Robert Street : Painters And Decorators
Wilson, Cyril, mechanic 30 Kinbrae Park
Wilson, Gavin L., B.Sc. The Tower, Wormit
Wilson, Miss, 14 Prospect Terrace
Wilson, Mrs Allison, 2 Hillpark Road, Wormit
Wilson, Randolph, 4 Struan Street
Wishart, Miss Helen J., 56 Riverside Road, Wormit
Wishart, Mrs C., postmistress [under Post Office - 15 High Street.]
Wishart, Mrs C., postmistress, 15 High Street; h. 67 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
Wishart, Robert, 13 High Street : Newsagents And Tobacconists
Wishart, Robert, insurance agent, 12 Kinbrae Park
Wishart, Robert, newsagent, 13 High Street; h. 67 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
Wood, James, driver 15 Bridieswell Gardens, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]

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