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1893 Slater dir      There are 498 records.

Ritchie Mr. William, Linden avenue, E NLocation
Robertson Alexander J., (Royal Bar), Tay st : Spirit Dealers And Public Houses.Location
Robertson Alexander, Junior Magistrate : Commissioners' Office, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott Street, Newport.
Robertson Alexander, Woodside Cottage, E N : BuildersLocation
Robertson Arthur, Gallahill, Gauldry : Farmers.[not in Forgan parish]
Robertson David H., (and draper), High st : Milliners And Dressmakers.Location
Robertson Mr. Alexander, Woodside pl. E NLocation
Robertson Mr. David H., 17 Kilnburn plLocation
Robertson Mr. James, Primrose Bank, W NLocation
Robertson Mr. John P., Hillbank, E NLocation
Robertson Mr. Robert, Woodriffe terLocation
Robertson Mr. Thomas, Prosen Cottage, W NLocation
Robertson Mr. William, Struan Bank. WormitLocation
Robertson Thomas, Prosen Cottage, West Newport : Ship Masters.Location
Rodger Mr. David, Woodmuir park, W NLocation
Roger Mr. Thomas, Woodriffe terLocation
Roger Thomas, High st : Grocers And General DealersLocation
Rogers Mr. John, Walnut Cottage, W NLocation
Rollo John, Braeside, West Newport : Ship Masters.Location
Rollo Mr. George, Woodriffe terLocation
Ronald Mr. James, Ravenscraig, E NLocation
Russell Mr. James, 5 Kilnburn plLocation
Salmond Mr. Frank, The Firs, W NLocation
Salmond Mr. William, The Elms, W NLocation
Sangster Captain Wm., 6 Kilnburn pl. E NLocation
Scotland James S., Rev., United Presbyterian Church, Newport : Places Of Worship And Their Ministers.Location
Scotland Rev. James S., Beach grove, W N [sic]Location[at this date living in McIvor Cottage]
Scott Alexander, chairman of Forgan Parochial. Board : Parochial Board & Rate Officers
Scott Alexander, Chief Magistrate : Commissioners' Office, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott Street, Newport.
Scott Alexander, Forgan, master : Board Schools Location (2)
Scott Captain C. C., R.N., WoodhavenLocation
Scott Elizabeth, refreshment rooms, Pierhead : Miscellaneous.Location
Scott J. & I., Kirkton, Balmerino : Grocers And General Dealers[not in Forgan parish]
Scott Mr. Alexander, Ashbank, E NLocation
Scott Mr. Andrew E., Rockcliff, WormitLocation
Scott Mr. Charles, 11 Kilnburn plLocation
Scott Mr. James M., Linden avenue, E NLocation
Scott Mr. John, 19 Kilnburn plLocation
Scott Mr. Robert, Heathbank, W NLocation
Scott Mrs. Elizabeth, Invertay, E NLocation
Scott Mrs. Louisa, Duncraig, W NLocation
Scott Walter jun., inspector and collector, Balmerino Parish : Parochial Board & Rate Officers[not in Forgan parish]
Scott Walter, Clerk and Treasurer : Balmerino. School Board[not in Forgan parish]
Scott Walter, Gauldry : Joiners.[not in Forgan parish]
Scott Walter, Gauldry : Tailors[not in Forgan parish]
Scrimgeour John, Clerk : Commissioners' Office, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott Street, Newport.
Scrimgeour Mr. George, Linden avenue, E NLocation
Scrimgeour Mr. John, Snowdon Bank, E NLocation
Scroggie Mr, Charles, Tay ter. E NLocation
Scroggie Mr. Robert V., Ascot, W NLocation

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