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1896 Slater dir      There are 566 records.

Fleming Robert, Woodriffe terrace, ELocation
Flynn Michael, training ship officer, Holly cottage, W [under Commercial]Location
Foggie William, joiner. Pierhead, E [under Commercial]
Forrest Simon. Craig Ard, ELocation
Fraser Rev. Thomas D.D. (Established) Woodstock. ELocation Location (2)
Fraser Thomas H. Youngsdale place, ELocation
Fraser, Thomas, DD; Established Church Newport (St. Thomas'), Rev. [under Places Of Worship & Their Ministers]Location
Gardner Mrs. View Mount, E
Gardyne Jessie (Miss), householder, 3 Myrtle terrace, E [under Commercial]Location
Gibson Mrs. Belle Vue [under Wormit]
Glenday Mrs. Youngsdale villa, F.Location
Gold James C. 2 Kilnburn terrace, ELocation
Gordon David. Ardoch villa [under Wormit]Location
Gordon James, Sylvan house. ELocation
Govan Alexander. 5 Kilnburn terrace, ELocation
Graham Robert, Seafield cottage [under Wormit]Location
Grant William G. L. householder, Woodside place, E [under Commercial]Location
Gray James, Nether Kirkton [under Farmers]
Guthrie John, grocer & spirit dealer, Union street, E [under Commercial]Location
Guy William. 4 Alma terrace, WLocation
Guy Wm. shipmaster, 4 Alma terrace, W [under Commercial]Location
Haggart Thos. tailor & clothier, King st. E [under Commercial]Location Location (2)
Halley David. Woodmuir villa, NVLocation
Halley Miss, Rose cottage. WLocation
Halley Mrs. Woodmuir villa, WLocation
Hay Robert, Wormit [under Farmers]Location
Henderson David, refreshment rooms. W [under Commercial]Location
Henderson Miss, Woodbank cottage. WLocation
Henderson Mrs. Brocklea, Prospect ter. ELocation
Henderson Mrs. Sunnyside, WLocation
Henderson William. Violet bank [under Wormit]Location
Hislop Jas. B. householder, 2 Struan pl. E [under Commercial]Location
Hislop Miss, Daisy bank, Woodriffe terrace ELocation
Hodge Rev. Thomas W., B.A. (Cong.), The Laurels. ELocation Location (2)
Hodge, Thomas W.; Congregational, Newport, Rev. [under Places Of Worship & Their Ministers]Location
Hodson Rev. Samuel B. (Episcopal), The Parsonage, E
Hodson, Samuel B.; Episcopal Church (St Mary's) Newport Rev. [under Places Of Worship & Their Ministers]Location
Honeyman William C. Cremona villa, ELocation
Hood Mrs. 13 Kilnburn place, ELocation
Hopkins William M. Violet bank [under Wormit]Location
Horsburgh James, coal merchant, Queen street & Railway station, E [under Commercial]Location
Horsburgh Mrs. Roselea villa. ELocation
Howe Charles, householder, Maryfield terr. E [under Commercial]Location
Hunter Robert. View mount, E
Husband James. 10 Tay terrace, ELocation
Husband Peter F. 3 Linden avenue,Location
Hutton Robert. Rosehill cottage. WLocation
Hynd James. Ellenmount villa, WLocation
Ireland Mrs. Taymount. Prospect terrace. ELocation
Ireland Robert L. Craiglea [under Wormit]Location

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