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1896 Slater dir      There are 566 records.

Jack James S. plumber, gasfitter & sanitary engineer, Union street. E [under Commercial]Location
James Jn. W. householder. Belle Vue ter. E [under Commercial]Location
Jeffrey Mrs, 16 Kilnburn place, ELocation
Johnstone Joseph J. Craighead house,Location
Johnstone Miss, Thymbra lodge,Location
Johnstone Mrs. Hillside, ELocation
Johnstone Mrs. Holly cottage. WLocation
Johnstone, J. J.; Clerk & Treasurer, [under Forgan School Board.]
Jones Edward, Green Bank villa, W
Just Mrs. Gowan bank., WLocation
Just Mrs. Laura place, WLocation
Kay Alexander, Flass [under Farmers]Location
Kay John. grocer & general dealer, James square, E & West Newport [under Commercial]Location Location (2)
Kay John. Scroggie side [under Wormit]Location
Kay Mitchell D. 3 Alma terrace. WLocation
Keay Mrs. Primrose bank, WLocation
Keay Rachael (Mrs.), apartments, 7 St. Phillan's place. E [under Commercial]Location
Keddie, Agnes (Mrs.), householder, Myrtle bank, Ferry road. E [under Commercial]
Keenan Thomas, Mackie place, WLocation
Kemp, Fdk. G.; Clerk, Inspector & Collector, [under Forgan Parish Council, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott St. Newport]
Kemp, Frederick G.; Treasurer & Collector. [under Commissioners' Office, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott St. Newport]
Kennedy David, Woodriffe terrace, ELocation
Kerr Henry, Oakdene. WLocation
Key Alex. householder, Tay terrace, E [under Commercial]
Kidd Jonas. Castle cottage, WLocation
Kidd Mrs. Wellpark terrace,Location
Kidd Thos. householder, Bloomfield ho. E [under Commercial]Location
Kidd William, householder, Margaret bank, William street, E [under Commercial]Location
Kidney William, Drumgollen [under Wormit]Location
King Alexander S. Ravenscraig villa [under Wormit]Location
King Mrs. Fernlea bank [under Wormit]Location
King William. Ravenscraig villa [under Wormit]Location
Kinley James, blacksmith [under Forgan Commercial]
Kinnear Henry 5 Tay terrace, E Location
Kinnes Robert, Kincraig [under Wormit]Location
Kirk David, Oak bank [under Wormit]Location
Laing Thomas William. joiner, E [under Commercial]
Latto Agnes (Mrs.), greengrocer, E [under Commercial]
Latto David, joiner, Union street, E [under Commercial]Location
Law John, Belle Vue cottage, WLocation
Lawson Archibald Brockville, ELocation
Lawson Daniel. Kilnburn house, E Location
Lawson James, 20 Kilnburn place, ELocation
Lawson John S. Carse view [under Wormit]Location
Lawson John, River view [under Wormit]Location
Lawson Robert. Helen villa [under Wormit]Location
Lawson William, Avondale, WLocation
Learmonth John & Son, boot & shoe makers, High street, E [under Commercial]Location
Leitch Andrew. Netherlea, WLocation
Leitch Robert T. Hill crest, WLocation

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