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1896 Slater dir      There are 566 records.

Leitch, Andrew; First Bailie [under Commissioners' Office, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott St. Newport]
Leng John A. Seymour. ELocation
Leng Sir John M.P. J.P. Kinbrae, W.; 186 Fleet street E C & National Liberal club, London S WLocation
Leng William Lydbrook, ELocation
Leslie John. Braeside. WLocation
Leslie Miss, Hermonhill, ELocation
Lindberg Otto M. Fern brae, WLocation
Lindsay David, Woodhaven [under Forgan]Location
Lindsay, Charles, station master; Station, Wormit, [under Conveyance By Railway,]Location
Low Eliza W. (Mrs.), householder, Woodriffe terrace, E [under Commercial]Location
Low Helen (Mrs.), householder, Woodriffe terrace, E [under Commercial]Location
Low John C. Sunnybank cottage, ELocation
Low Mrs. Waverley cottage [under Wormit]Location
Lowson Marjory (Miss), householder, Belle Vue terrace, E [under Commercial]Location
Lowson Mrs. 4 Kilnburn terrace, ELocation
Lowson Mrs. 6 Alma terrace, WLocation
Luke James. Woodbine terrace, ELocation
M'Kellar David C. painter & decorator, E [under Commercial]Location
M'Kenzie Lewis, Beverley house, ELocation
M'Lagan James, 14 Kilnburn plate, ELocation
M'Laggan John, Craignish, WLocation
M'Leod Rev. Neil D.D. Free Church manse, ELocation
M'Leod, Neil, D.D; Free Church Newport, Rev. [under Places Of Worship & Their Ministers]Location
M'Nab Mrs. Tay terrace, ELocation
Macdonald Alexander, Wellgate park, WLocation
Macdonald George D [under Wormit]
Macdonald Henry, Tayville, WLocation
Macdonald Isabella (Mrs.), householder, Thornbank, E [under Commercial]Location
Macdonald William. Bellfield, ELocation
Macgregor Robert C. Alpine cottage, WLocation
Mackay George B. Lorne cottage, ELocation
Mackay James & Son, painters & paper hangers, Pierhead, E [under Commercial]Location
Mackay James H. Hartcourt house, W
Mackay Miss, Aranro villa [under Wormit]
Mackay William S. Lorne cottage, ELocation
Mackay William, Park house, WLocation
Mackie David, factor (for the Tayfield estate) & builder, E [under Commercial]Location
MacLean Mrs. Laurel cottage, WLocation
Macrae Rev. David. Berachan, ELocation
Malcolm Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 3 High street, E [under Commercial]Location
Marquis Sydney, Sunnyside, WLocation
Marshall Thomas, Wormit house [under Wormit]Location
Martin William Y. Blyth, Blyth house, ELocation
Masson Mrs. Violet bank [under Wormit]Location
Masterton Mrs. Olivet villa [under Wormit]Location
Mathers Mrs. 2 Kilnburn place, ELocation
Mathewson Mary (Mrs.), householder, 2 Myrtle terrace, E [under Commercial]Location
Mathewson Oliver, Craighead [under Farmers]Location
Mathewson Oliver, farmer & dairyman, Craighead, E [under Commercial]Location
Mathewson Robert, joiner & fruiterer, Robert street, E [under Commercial]Location

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