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1896 Slater dir      There are 566 records.

Matthew Miss, 9 Kilnburn place, ELocation
Matthew Mrs. Ivy bank [under Wormit]
Maxwell David, Tay terrace, E [under Commercial]Location
Maxwell George, Thornbank [under Wormit]Location
Maxwell Mrs. Alma house, WLocation
Maxwell Mrs. Tay terrace, ELocation
Maxwell, Miss Nellie, mistress; Wormit, [under Schools.]Location (2)
May David P. Woodhaven [under Forgan]
McDougall Alex. shipwright, Woodhaven [under Forgan Commercial]Location
McKenzie David, Balmacraig [under Wormit]
Meldrum Andrew IL Canisbay lodge, ELocation
Meldrum John, Burnside [under Farmers]Location
Melville William H. Drumarlich [under Wormit]Location
Melville, John, Blyth Hall buildings, Scott street; Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, [under Forgan Parish Council, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott St. Newport]
Mess, John, sec; [under Industrial Training Ship 'Mars']Location
Mill James. Westbrae [under Wormit]Location
Mill Robert M. Hazelbank [under Wormit]Location
Millar James. Tay View villa, WLocation
Millar John F. 14 Linden avenue, ELocation
Mills Jas. B. householder, Belle Vue ter. E [under Commercial]Location
Miln Alexander, Riverlea [under Wormit]Location
Milne Alex. grocer & general dealer, W [under Commercial]Location
Milne James, Mill Bank lodge, Hillside, ELocation
Milne Mrs. 6 Linden avenue, ELocation
Mitchell David, Mackie place, WLocation
Mitchell George, Wellgate house, WLocation
Mitchell James, 5 Linden avenue. ELocation
Mitchell Mrs. Youngsdale place, ELocation
Mitchell William P. 1 Alma. terrace, W
Moir Edward, Craighead villa, ELocation
Moir Mrs. Kilnburn bank, ELocation
Moir, Edward, J.P. hon. librarian; [under Public Library Newport]
Monro Mrs. Hillside, ELocation
Montgomery George, St. Phillans [under Wormit]Location
Moore Charles F. Carlton villa [under Wormit]Location
Morison-Duncan Miss, Naughton[not in Forgan parish]
Morris Geo. householder. Louisa ter. E [under Commercial]
Morrison Matthew, butcher, High street, E [under Commercial]Location
Morrison Matthew, Gowrie hill, ELocation
Morrison Mrs. Garland villa, WLocation
Morrison William B. 10 Linden avenue, ELocation
Morton James, Darvel lodge, ELocation
Mudie Miss, Prospect terrace, ELocation
Mudie Mrs. Elim bank, WLocation
Muir John D. Clifton bank, ELocation
Munn Rev. Thomas (Established) [under Forgan]Location
Munn, Thomas; Rev. [under Forgan Established Church]Location
Murdoch James, Woodhaven [under Forgan]Location
Murray Mary (Miss), milliner & dress maker, King Street, [under Commercial]Location
Nagel Mrs. 2 Alma terrace, WLocation

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