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1896 Slater dir      There are 566 records.

Robertson Thomas, Prosen cottage, WLocation
Robertson Thomas, ship master, Prosen cottage, W [under Commercial]Location
Robertson William, Balmore, WLocation
Robertson William, Struan bank [under Wormit]Location
Robertson, Wm., chairman; Committee : [under Industrial Training Ship 'Mars']Location
Roger Thomas, Snowdon bank, Tay ter. ELocation
Roger Thos. grocer & gen. dlr. High st. [under Commercial]Location
Rogers John, Walnut cottage, WLocation
Rollo George, householder, 5 Struan pl. E [under Commercial]Location
Rollo George, Woodbine terrace, ELocation
Rollo John, shipmaster, 6 Tay terrace, E [under Commercial]Location
Ronald James. Ravenscraig, ELocation
Ross John & Son, upholsterers & french polishers, Robert street, E [under Commercial]
Rowbottom George H. Rowan bank [under Wormit]Location
Russell Jas. householder. 5 Kilnburn pl. E [under Commercial]Location
Salmond Frank, The Firs, WLocation
Salmond William. The Elms, WLocation
Scot Mrs. Sea Craig, E
Scotland Rev. James S. (U. P.), McIvor cottage, WLocation
Scotland, James S.; United Presbyterian, Newport, Rev. [under Places Of Worship & Their Ministers]
Scott Alexander, Ashbank, ELocation
Scott Andrew E. Rockcliff [under Wormit]Location
Scott Andrew, Bonawe [under Wormit]Location
Scott Captain Augustus L. Woodhaven [under Forgan]Location
Scott Elizabeth (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, Pierhead, E [under Commercial]Location
Scott Ernest F. householder 10 Kilnburn pl. E [under Commercial]Location
Scott James M. E. Linden avenue, ELocation
Scott John, 19 Kilnburn place. ELocation
Scott Lieut. L. The Cottage, Woodhaven [under Wormit]Location
Scott Miss, Woodmuir park, W
Scott Miss, Woodriffe villa, Tay terrace, ELocation
Scott Mrs. Ashbank [under Wormit]Location
Scott Mrs. Duncraig, WLocation
Scott Mrs. Invertay, ELocation
Scott William A. Hill cottage [under Wormit]
Scott, Alexander; Provost, [under Commissioners' Office, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott St. Newport]
Scott, Augustus L., capt.-supt; [under Industrial Training Ship 'Mars']Location
Scrimgeour David, Carron villa [under Wormit]Location
Scrimgeour George 8 Linden avenue,Location
Scrimgeour John. clerk to the commissioners, Blyth Hall buildings, Scott st. [under Commercial]
Scrimgeour John. Elm bank, E
Scrimgeour William D. householder, Prospect terrace. [under Commercial]Location
Scrimgeour, John; Clerk. [under Commissioners' Office, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott St. Newport]
Scroggie Charles A. householder, 1 Struan place, E [under Commercial]Location
Scroggie Mrs. householder, Woodriffe ter. E [under Commercial]Location
Scroggie William T. 11 Linden avenue, ELocation
Scrymgeour George. Bramble bank, WLocation
Scrymgeour Jeanette (Mrs.). householder, Bruce lodge, William street, E [under Commercial]Location
Scrymgeour Mrs. Prosen cottage, WLocation
Sharp Thomas, coal merchant, King street & Railway station, E [under Commercial]Location Location (2)

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