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1896 Slater dir      There are 566 records.

Brown Mrs. Clinton cottage, E
Brown Robert, householder, 3 Kilburn pl. E [under Commercial]Location
Brown Thomas, school board officer, 1 St. Phillan's place, E [under Commercial]Location
Bruce Mrs. 4 Kilnburn place, ELocation
Bruce William, Elmsleigh [under Wormit]Location
Buchan Mrs. Belle Vue terrace, ELocation
Buik Charles, Brae Knowe,Location
Buist William, joiner, Woodhaven [under Forgan Commercial]Location
Butchart Miss, Greenwood villa, ELocation
Cameron, John, master; Forgan Board School, [under Forgan School Board.]Location (2)
Campbell Mrs. Fernlea, ELocation
Cappon James. Cliff bank, ELocation
Carr Michael S. Tay Cliff house, ELocation
Carswell William, Ascot, WLocation
Chalmers Robert, Rotherwood, WLocation
Chalmers William F. householder, St. Phillan's house, E [under Commercial]Location
Chapman James jun. Ashcliffe. WLocation
Chapman James, Yew bank, WLocation
Chapman Robert, Carron cottage, Tay View terrace, ELocation
Chevalley Capt. Francis F. B.A. Norbay, ELocation
Christie Mrs. Norwood terrace, ELocation
Clark Andrew butcher, High street, E [under Commercial]Location
Clark George M.A. Ythan bank,. WLocation
Clark Mary (Miss), householder, Craighead cottage, E [under Commercial]Location
Clarke Jessie (Miss). dress ma., Robert st. E [under Commercial]
Clarkson Mary (Miss), householder, St. Phillan's place, E [under Commercial]Location
Coburn Barbara (Miss), King St. laundry, E [under Commercial]Location
Cochrane Mrs. 5 Alma terrace, WLocation
Collins, T. A., teacher; [under Industrial Training Ship 'Mars']Location
Comar Mrs. Tay View terrace, ELocation
Congleton David, Wellgate park, WLocation
Congleton Thomas, Wellgate park, WLocation
Connell John M. Hill terrace [under Wormit]Location
Cotts [sic, should be Coutts] James, Clifton villa [under Wormit]Location
Cowley William, Riverside [under Wormit]Location
Cox Mrs. 12 Linden avenue. ELocation
Coyle Patrick (Newport hotel), spirit dealer & public house keeper, E [under Commercial]Location
Crabbe Isabella (Mrs.), householder, Clifton Bank, E [under Commercial]Location
Crockett Alexander D. householder, Maryfield cottage, E [under Commercial]Location
Cunningham David C.E. Marrbank, ELocation
Cunningham The Misses, View bank, ELocation
Dalgleish, Wm. O.; President, [under Industrial Training Ship 'Mars']Location
Davidson James N. Taycliffe [under Wormit]Location
Davidson James, Victoria cottage, WLocation
Dempster, James, station master; Station, West Newport, [under Conveyance By Railway,]Location
Deuchar, Alexander, engineer; [under Wormit Waterworks]Location Location (2)
Deuchars Mrs. Linden avenue, ELocation
Dick Alexander M. Victoria cottage, WLocation
Dickson Henry G. householder, 7 Kilnburn place, E [under Commercial]Location
Dickson Miss, Woodbine terrace, E[?]

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