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1896 Slater dir      There are 566 records.

Sutton Rev. William (R. C.), King street, ELocationLocation (2)
Tait Rev. John M.A. (Cong.),Woodbine ter. ELocationLocation (2)
Tait Robert, builder, Victoria cottage, Queen street, E [under Commercial]Location
Taylor Peter, Bottomcraig [under Farmers][not in Forgan parish]
Taylor William, Muircraig, Gauldry [under Farmers][not in Forgan parish]
Taylor, William, sergeant; [under Police Station, King Street]Location
Thom George, 9 Linden avenue, ELocation
Thomas, R. F., teacher; [under Industrial Training Ship 'Mars']Location
Thomson Alexander, Norwood terrace, ELocation
Thomson David, Danellvid, WLocation
Thomson David, householder, 5 St. Phillan's place, E [under Commercial]Location
Thomson David, Lyndhurst, ELocation
Thomson Frederick, Hillpark terrace, ELocation
Thomson James, Dunearn, ELocation
Thomson John K. The Briars, WLocation
Thomson John, Broadhaugh, WLocation
Thomson William, Doncreggen, Tay View terrace, ELocation
Thomson William, Floral bank, ELocation
Tosh Alexander, Woodmuir park, WLocation
Trotter James, Helenslea, Tay View ter. ELocation
Tudhope George, Garland villa, WLocation
Tullis David, Woodriffe terrace, ELocation
Urquhart James, Woodhaven [under Forgan]Location
Valentine Easton W. Ashcliffe [under Wormit]Location
Walker John H. Westwood, WLocation
Walker Mrs. Westwood, WLocation
Walker Mrs. Woodriffe, Woodriffe terrace, ELocation
Walker Robert C. Wingate place, ELocation
Walker William W. Hillpark house, ELocation
Walker William. sanitary inspector, Blyth Hall buildings, Scott street [under Commercial]Location
Walker, William; Sanitary Inspector. [under Commissioners' Office, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott St. Newport]Location
Wallace Mrs. Tay View ho. Tay View ter. ELocation
Wallace Thomas L. boot & shoe maker, St. Phillan's place, E [under Commercial]Location
Watson Edward A. Wellpark terrace, WLocation
Watson John, Ravenscraig [under Wormit]Location
Watson Thomas, dairyman Scroggieside [under Wormit Commercial]Location
Watt William H. Homeleigh, WLocation
Watt William H. shipmaster. Holmleigh, W [under Commercial]Location
Wayman Christina & Mary (The Misses), private school, 8 St. Phillan's place, E [under Commercial]Location
Wayman The Misses, St. Phillan's house, ELocation
Webster David, Kilnburn terrace, ELocation
Welch John, Westfield, WLocation
Welch Miss, Ivy bank, WLocation
Welch, John; Second Bailie, [under Commissioners' Office, Blyth Hall Buildings, Scott St. Newport]
White George D. Bell Vue terrace, ELocation
Whitelaw James Baird, St. Fort [under Forgan]Location
Whittet Miss, Elim bank, WLocation
Whyte John, grocer & spirit dealer. W [under Commercial]Location
Will Robina (Mrs.), householder, Maryfield terrace. E [under Commercial]Location
Williamson John H. Rowan bank [under Wormit]Location

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