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1866 Fife dir      There are 203 records.

Just, Robert, joiner / cabinet maker, W NewportLocation
Just, Thomas, Rev. Indep.Ch. Newport, Maryfield Cottage, NewportLocation
Kay, John, grocer (Dundee), E NewportLocation
Keay, Alexander, farmer, FlassLocation
Keay, David, shoemaker, SeggiedenLocation
Keay, Robert, shoemaker, E Newport [?]
Keay, Terrace, farmer, Ninewells by Ferryport on CraigLocation
Kermath, Miss Isabella, W NewportLocation
Kerr, William, engineer (Dundee), Ashbank,Location
Kidd, Jonas, file cutter, Pier HeadLocation
Kidd, Jonas, grocer, Newport PierLocation
Kilgour, Mrs Andrew, summer lodgings prop., W NewportLocation
Knox, Andrew, farmer, Upper FriartonLocation
Landman, Capt William, shipmaster, E NewportLocation
Landsman, Mrs Thomas, laundress / mangler, E NewportLocation
Landsman, Thomas, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Latto, Mrs Arthur, mangler, E NewportLocation
Lee, Miss Margaret, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Leng, John, newspaper proprietor, Wellgate House,Location
Leng, John, Wellgate House, W NewportLocation
Leslie, Mrs, E NewportLocation
Lothian, James, dentist (Dundee), Hollybank, W NewportLocation
Mackay, Miss Jessie, dressmaker / milliner, E Newport [?]
Mackie, Mrs, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Martin, John, blacksmith, Tayfield SmithyLocation
Martin, William, writer (Dundee), E NewportLocation
Martin, William, writer, collector of poors' rates, E NewportLocation
Mathewson, Oliver, carter / land labourer, E NewportLocation
McDonald, Mrs Margaret, W NewportLocation
McGillivray, Finlay, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
McGillvary, The Misses, dressmaker / milliner, E NewportLocation
McLeod, Neil, Rev. Free Ch. Newport, E NewportLocation
Melville, John, blacksmith, E NewportLocation
Melville, John, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Melville, Miss, summer lodgings prop., Woodmuir House, W NewportLocation
Methven, Mrs R, summer lodgings prop., St Phillans,Location
Milne, Mrs Alexander, summer lodgings prop., W Newport [?]
Mitchell, John, jobbing gardener, Tayfield MainsLocation
Monro, Mrs Dr William, E NewportLocation
Mudie, Miss E, Prospect Terrace, E NewportLocation
Mundie, Capt. Robert, shipmaster, E NewportLocation
Murdoch, David, blacksmith, St Fort SmithyLocation
Murdoch, Peter, grocer, E NewportLocation
Murray, George, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Murray, The Misses, dressmaker/milliner, E NewportLocation
Neish, Mrs W, W NewportLocation
Nicol, Mrs, summer lodgings prop., W NewportLocation
Nimmo, Mrs D, Primrose Bank, W NewportLocation
Niven, David, flesher (Dundee), W NewportLocation
Norrie, Capt James, shipmaster, W NewportLocation

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