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1866 Fife dir      There are 203 records.

Oliphant, William, farmer, Easter FriartonLocation
Parker, E, merchant (Dundee), Cliff TerraceLocation
Paul, Archibald, writer (Dundee), Tay Grove, E NewportLocation
Petrie, James, coal merchant, NewportLocationLocation (2)
Reid, Miss Ann, summer lodgings prop., W NewportLocation
Rhind, Henry S, farmer, WoodhavenLocation
Rhynd, Alexander, baker, E NewportLocation
Robertson, Capt Peter, shipmaster, WoodhavenLocation
Robertson, David S, merchant (Dundee), Myrtle Terrace,Location
Robertson, James, plasterer, E NewportLocation
Rodger, James, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Rogers, James, summer lodgings prop., W NewportLocation
Ronald, James, corn merchant, Ivy Bank, E NewportLocation
Scott, James, farmer, CraigheadLocation
Sercombe, Samuel, flesher, Pier Head [?]
Shepherd, James, summer lodgings prop., W NewportLocation
Shepherd, John, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Sidey, D, banker (Dundee), E NewportLocation
Skene, James, house factor (Dundee), E NewportLocation
Small, Mrs Robert, W NewportLocation
Smith, A, upholsterer (Dundee), W NewportLocation
Smith, James, Chapel House,Location
St Clair, Alex, pawnbroker / jeweller (Dundee), Woodbine House, E NewportLocation
Stewart, Henry, farmer, St Fort Home FarmLocation
Stewart, Henry, St Fort HouseLocation
Stewart, John A, portrait painter (Dundee), W NewportLocation
Stewart, John, medical practitioner, St Phillans Place, E NewportLocation
Strachan, Charles, commercial traveller (Dundee), W NewportLocation
Sturrock, William, boot & shoemaker, E NewportLocation
Taylor, Capt George, shipmaster, W NewportLocation
Taylor, Mrs Ogilvie, W NewportLocation
Thoms, Mrs George, Seacraig CottageLocation
Thomson, D, Rev. Parish Church, Manse, ForganLocationLocation (2)
Thomson, William, clothier (Dundee), E NewportLocation
Tosh, Capt R, shipmaster, E NewportLocation
Turnbull, J & A, engineers / millwrights, E NewportLocation
Turnbull, John, G M, Tay Union Mason Lodge
Walker, H, Westwood House,Location
Webster, Mrs, summer lodgings prop., St Phillans, NewportLocation
Webster, Thomas, land surveyor / poor inspector / keeper of Register Office, Newport [?]
Webster, Thomas, postmaster, NewportLocation
Wheeler, Frederick, sugar refiner (Dundee), Taybank, W NewportLocation[? not convinced with eitherLocation (2)
Whittet, Miss Helen, W NewportLocation
Whyte, Alexander, grocer, Friarton BankLocation
Wilkie, William, farmer, Morton by Ferryport on CraigLocation
Williamson, Thrift, farmer, Burnside by Ferryport on CraigLocation
Wilson, Miss E, dressmaker / milliner, E NewportLocation
Wilson, Misses, laundress / mangler, E NewportLocation
Wilson, Misses, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocationLocation (2)
Wright, Mrs, staymaker, E NewportLocation[? is this the right Mrs Wright]

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