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1866 Fife dir      There are 203 records.

Dorward, Mrs, summer lodgings prop., Flowery Cottage, NewportLocation
Dove, J & W, merchants (Dundee), W NewportLocation
Dove, Mr, sec. Newport Curling Club, Location (2)
Duncan, James, joiner / cabinet maker, WoodhavenLocation
Duncan, Miss Helen, grocer, W NewportLocation
Durham, John, (Dundee), Wingate House, E NewportLocation
Dykes, Capt David, shipmaster, E NewportLocation
Edington, Archibald, gardener, Tayfield House GardenLocation
Ewing, Capt Thomas, shipmaster, E NewportLocation
Ferguson, David, banker (Dundee), St Phillans,Location
Ferguson, John, teacher, Free Church School, E NewportLocation
Ferguson, Mr, sec. Newport Literary Society,
Fleming, James, boot & shoemaker, W Newport
Foggie, John, joiner, TayfieldLocation
Forrest, William, summer lodgings prop., Newport
Forrester, Robert, carter / land labourer, E NewportLocation
Gardyne, Misses, Myrtle Terrace,Location
Garland, Joseph, shipowner (Dundee), Waterstone CrookLocation
Geddes, Miss Helen, E NewportLocation
Gellatly, David, grocer/china merchant, E NewportLocation
Gibb, Miss, mangler, E NewportLocation
Gibb, Miss, vintner, E NewportLocation
Gibson, K, saddler (Dundee), E NewportLocation
Gibson, Kenneth, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Grant, James, carter / land labourer, Tayfield [?]
Grant, John, harbour master & collector of shore dues, WoodhavenLocation
Grant, John, market gardener, WoodhavenLocation
Grant, John, vintner, WoodhavenLocation
Grieve, David, farmer, ScroggiesideLocation
Hain, Misses, St Phillans,Location
Hampton, John, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Harris, Miss, summer lodgings prop., St Phillans, E NewportLocation
Harris, W & T, builder, E NewportLocation
Henderson, Miss Helen, W NewportLocation
Henderson, Mr, sec., Newport Swimming ClubLocation
Hislop, James, grocer (Dundee), W NewportLocation[?]
Hood, Capt John, shipmaster, E NewportLocation[?]
Inglis, Capt John, shipmaster, W NewportLocation
Ireland, William R, clerk (Dundee), W NewportLocation
Jackson, Charles, coal merchant/greengrocer, E Newport [?]
Jackson, John, keeper of Tay Ferries pack house & parcel office, NewportLocationLocation (2)
Jackson, John, summer lodgings prop., E NewportLocation
Jamie, Mrs, teacher female industrial dept., parish school, Friarton BankLocation
Jamie, William, registrar and Session Clerk, Schoolhouse, ForganLocation
Jamie, William, teacher parish school, Friarton BankLocation
Johnstone, James, shoemaker, W NewportLocation
Just, David, joiner, W NewportLocation
Just, George, builder, W NewportLocation
Just, J, market gardener, W NewportLocation
Just, Mrs David Snr., summer lodgings prop., W NewportLocation

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