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1911 Slater dir      There are 737 records.

Kirkhope John, Violet bank [under Woodhaven]Location
Knipes William, Ardlea [under Wormit]Location
Laing Miss, Mackie house, W
Latto Agnes (Miss), shopkeeper, Robert st [under Commercial]
Latto Agnes (Mrs.). greengrocer, King st. E. [under Commercial]Location
Latto James M. joiner, King street [under Commercial]Location
Lawson Archibald, Brock ville,Location
Lawson Daniel, Kilnburn house, ELocation
Lawson John S. Carseview [under Wormit]Location
Lawson John, station master [under Wormit Commercial]Location
Lawson Miss, Bellevue terrace, ELocation
Lawson Robert, Helen villa [under Wormit]Location
Lawson William T. Woodmuir cottage, WLocation
Lawson William, plasterer [under Woodhaven Commercial]Location
Lawson, John, station master; Wormit, [under Railway Stations.]Location
Lee William, Oakhurst [under Woodhaven]Location
Lees Henry, 4 Hill crescent [under Wormit]Location
Leighton Robert, Duncraig, WLocation
Leitch Andrew, Netherlea, WLocation
Leitch Robert T., Hill crest, WLocation
Leitch, Robert; First Bailie, [under Town Council.]
Leng John A., Seymour, Tayport road, ELocation
Leng Lady, Kinbrae, WLocation
Leng William C., Highfield, WLocation
Leslie John, 6 Youngsdale place, ELocation
Lindberg Mrs. Fern brae, WLocation
Lindsay Alexander, Seaton brae [under Wormit]Location
Lindsay Mrs. The Terrace [under Woodhaven]
Lindsay, Alexander; Second Bailie, [under Town Council.]
Low Andrew, Sunnybank, ELocation
Low David, Rockcliff [under Wormit]Location
Low James S. Ardoch, ELocation
Low John C. Inglewood, ELocation
Low John, Brooklyn, Tayport road, ELocation
Low Mrs. 2 Myrtle terrace, ELocation
Lowe James M. Marybank, Tayport rd. ELocation
Lowson Mrs. 4 Norwood terrace, ELocation
Lowson Peter, 6 Albert crescent, ELocation
Lowson Peter, Ledaig [under Wormit]Location
M'Gregor, Peter, M.A; United Free Church St. Fillan, Rev. [under Places Of Worship. ]Location
M'Kellar David C. painter & decorator, Gas Works lane & King street, E [under Commercial]Location (2)
M'Kenzie Mrs. Beverley house, E Location
M'Lagan Misses, 14 Kilnburn place, ELocation
M'Laggan John, Craignish, W Location
Macbeth John, Duncraig [under Wormit]Location
Macdonald Alexander, Dunain [under Wormit]Location
Macdonald John, Invermay [under Woodhaven]Location
Macdonald Miss, Hillside cottage, ELocation
Macdonald Mrs. J. Y. Thornbank, ELocation
Macdonald William, Bellfield, ELocation

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