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1911 Slater dir      There are 737 records.

Peatrie George, Drumalis [under Woodhaven]Location
Peebles Alexander, dairyman, Bogton (letters via Wormit, Fifeshire) [under Forgan Commercial]Location
Peebles John A. Waterside [under Wormit]Location
Peebles William, bookseller, 10 High street [under Commercial]Location
Petrie David M. Violet bank [under Wormit]Location
Petrie Mrs. Sylverton, Victoria street, ELocation
Petrie William McNicoll, Kintyrie [under Wormit]Location
Petrie William, Fernbank [under Wormit]Location
Philip James B. Viewmount, E
Philip James Brown, grocer, Union st. E [under Commercial]Location
Philip Walter S. 8 Kilnburn place, E Location
Philip William, Marbank, ELocation
Pilkington Reginald M. St. Fort [under Forgan]Location
Pirie David, 7 Albert crescent, E Location
Porter Mrs. St. Leonard's [under Wormit]Location
Potter William N. Riverview [under Wormit]Location
Prain Miss, Hazelbank [under Wormit]Location
Prochaska Augustus, Norwood [under Woodhaven]Location
Prophet William, View bank [under Wormit]Location
Public Library (Newport) (Geo. Murdoch, librarian), E [under Commercial]
Ramsay Stewart F. Primrose bank, W Location
Ramsay William, Ivybank [under Wormit]Location
Rattray, Andrew, station master; St. Fort Railway Station, [under Railway Stations.]Location
Reid Mrs. Cragside [under Woodhaven]Location
Reid William P. Greenbank, WLocation
Reoch James, Grenada vil. Tayport rd. E Location
Richmond Rev John Mair M.A.(U. F. C.), Kinbank [under Wormit]Location (2)
Richmond, John Mair, M.A; United Free Church Wormit, Rev. [under Places Of Worship. ]Location
Ritchie Duncan Prosen cottage, W Location
Ritchie George B. Wellgate park, W Location
Robb James B. Whinhurst [under Wormit]Location
Robb William, 10 Hill crescent [under Wormit]Location
Robbie Henry Pearce, Viewmount [under Wormit]Location
Robbie Jn. The Castle, Newburgh rd. W Location
Robertson Alexander James, Robert st. E
Robertson David H. 17 Kilnburn place, E Location
Robertson George H. Essengael [under Wormit]Location
Robertson James, Holly bank, W
Robertson James, Woodbank, WLocation
Robertson Jn. P. East Brook, Albert cres., E Location
Robertson Mrs. Balmore, WLocation
Robertson Mrs. Elmhurst, WLocation
Robertson Mrs. Fernlea [under Wormit]Location
Robertson Robt. Largo vil. Woodmuir pk. W Location
Robertson Thomas, Prosen cottage, W Location
Robertson William, Struan bank [under Wormit]Location
Robertson, William; Provost, [under Town Council.]
Robinson Vernon, Laurel cottage, Woodmuir park, WLocation
Roche Rev. John (R. C.), The Presbytery, King street, ELocation Location (2)
Roche, John; Roman Catholic Church, Newport, St. Fillan, Rev. [under Places Of Worship. ]Location

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