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1922-23 dir      There are 1094 records.

Mackintosh, J. D.; Treasurer, [under Newport Bowling Club]Location (2)
Mackirdy, John H. (surveyor, Dundee), Duneaves, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
MacLeod, Miss, 3 Norwood, East NewportLocation
Macleod, Norman, Dunvegan, Crosshill terrace, WormitLocation
Macleod, William (clothier, Dundee), Dunvegan, Crosshill ter., WormitLocation
Macmillan, Mrs John, 2 Hillview, WormitLocation
Macnab, John, retired banker, 1 Hillpark terrace, WormitLocation
Macpherson, David S., merchant, 2 Alma terrace, West NewportLocation
Mair, Mrs William L., Rotherwood, Westfield terrace, West NewportLocation
Maitland, John (blacksmith, Dundee), Meldrum sq., King st., E. NewportLocation
Malcolm, Adam (house furnisher, Dundee), Inglewood, Cupar road, East NewportLocation
Malcolm, Major A.; President, [under Newport Bowling Club]Location (2)
Marland, Charles (supt., Dundee), 3 Woodriffe terrace. East NewportLocation
Marshall, David, jobbing gardener, Seacraig cots., King st., E. NewportLocation
Marshall, Peter, gardener, Balmore, Newburgh road. West NewportLocation
Martin, James R., Wellgate park. West NewportLocation
Martin, Miss, 6 High street. East NewportLocation
Mason, David, delivery clerk, The Cottages, Newburgh rd., W. Newport
Massarella, G., confectioner. PierheadLocation
Mathewson, Robert, Margaretbank, William street. East NewportLocation
Matthew, Misses, 9 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocation
Maule, D., The Terrace, West NewportLocation
Maxwell, David Chalmers (sack manuf., Dundee), Westmount, WormitLocation
Maxwell, Mrs, Lebanon villa. Bay road, WormitLocation
Meiklejohn, John B. (teacher, Dundee), Crescent bank, 6 Woodbine terrace, East NewportLocation
Meldrum, David M. (umbrella manufacturer, Dundee), The Terrace, Newburgh road. West NewportLocation
Melrose, Thomas, Broombank, Bay road, WormitLocation
Melville, A. O., farmer, Coultrabank, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Melville, David, Scrymgeour Grange, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Melville, David; [under Balmerino Parish Council][not in Forgan parish]
Melville, James G., teacher, 7 Woodriffe terrace. East NewportLocation
Melville, James O., farmer. Grange farm, Grange, Kilmany[not in Forgan parish]
Menzies, John (furniture dealer, Dundee), Birkhill[not in Forgan parish]
Merry, Mrs George Ross, Wellpark terrace. West NewportLocation
Methven, Misses, The Laurels, Tayport road. East NewportLocation
Methven, Robert, Struan streetLocation
Millar, Miss, 3 St Phillan's place. East NewportLocation
Millar, Mrs David, 4 Linden avenue, East NewportLocation
Millar, Mrs James, Tayview villa, Newburgh road, West NewportLocation
Millar, P. C.; Rev. [under Balmerino Parish Council][not in Forgan parish]
Millar, Peter Carmichael; Balmerino Established Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship. ][not in Forgan parish]
Millar, Rev. Peter Carmichael, Balmerino Parish Church ; h. The Manse, Balmerino, Wormit[not in Forgan parish]
Millar, Thomas, grocer, WormitLocation
Millar, William A., grocer, Dunearn, Tayport road. East NewportLocation
Miller, George W., B.Sc., M.B., Ch.B., Lilac cot., Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Miln, Mrs John, Lydbrook, Cupar road, NewportLocation
Milne, Alexander B., clerk, Osborne place. King street. East NewportLocation
Milne, Charles (hairdresser, Dundee), Avonlea, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Milne, Miss E. T., grocer, Newburgh rd., W. Newport ; h. SunnysideLocation Location (2)
Milne, Misses, Sunnyside, Woodmuir terrace. West NewportLocation

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